NURT, the Nationwide Independent Festival of Documentary Forms in Kielce, ended with the Special Mentions of the Artistic Commission for "Blackgod" dir. Grzegorz Paprzycki, prod. Justyna Koziarz and Sergiusz Kalinowski.
The jury motivated its choice: A portrait of a priest - a spokesman for good, and for the image of a seductive demagogue, an evil envoy.

The hero of the film by Grzegorz Paprzycki is Swiatoslav, the leader of a nationalist group in western Ukraine. He propagates the ideology so that he can win over people and defeat the enemies of his homeland.

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Photo from „The Blackgod”, dir. Grzegorz Paprzycki

The 14th edition of the NURT Documentary Forms Festival organized by the Kielce Cultural Center, which was held on November 19-23, 2018, ended with the Special Mentions from the Artistic Commission for "The Blackgod" directed by Grzegorz Paprzycki.
The Commission motivated its choice: "A portrait of a priest rarely seen – a spokesman for good, and for the image of a seductive demagogue, an evil envoy.

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Directed by Julian Tałandziewicz, the film had its premiere at the 40th International Film Festival in Cairo on November 20-29, 2018.
The Cairo International Film Festival is the oldest film festival in Africa and is one of the fifteen A category film festivals accredited by the FIAPF International Federation of Film Producers.

"Lesson" is the story of a disappointed married woman who finds lost passion in the afternoon piano lessons. The spouse, however, does not seem to fully share her enthusiasm for the new occupation. Seemingly trivial, the question becomes decisive for the future of both relations.

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The documentary film "Martwy sezon" directed by Dagmara Drzazga talks about the poet from Mikołów Rafał Wojaczek. The director worked on the film for almost three years. The film was made by TVP3 Katowice.
The premiere of the film "Martwy sezon" took place on Sunday, November 18 at 18.00 in the Kosmos cinema in Katowice.


The 12th OFFeliada Film Festival has brought a real rain of prizes:

The Main Award of the Festival in the category of documentary went to the film Dust dir. Kuba Radej DoP Józefina Gocman, prod. Krystyna Dobrzańska and the Special Mentions to Dregs dir. Kordian Kądziela, DoP Piotr Chodura, prod. Katarzyna Kostecka.

The "Ikar" award from the Gniezno Fantasy Club Fantasmagoria for the best film in the fantasy or science fiction genre was granted to the film "Where is the grandfather" dir. Adam Uryniak DoP Dagmara Kunecka, prod. Daria Spychała.

Studio award Fotostube for the best pictures received Dagmara Kunecka and the award "ŁOŁ!" for directing was granted to Adam Uryniak for the film "Where is the grandfather".

The jury awarded nominations for the Jan Machulski Polish Independent Cinema Award:
- in the category "Best Screenplay" for: Kordian Kądziela for the film Dregs
- in the category of "Best Editing" for: Kuba Radej for the film Dust
- in the category of "Best Documentary Film" for Kuba Radej for the film Dust

The Piotr Domalewski, the graduate of the Faculty of Radio and Television, was also awarded the Stanisław Brzozowski Krytyka Polityczna Award for "a special social sensitivity of a film work" for the film "60 kilos of nothing".

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