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For the 15th time between 12 and 13. April, student short films could be watched during the Węgiel Film Festival. The event is organized annually by second-year students of the Film and Television Production as part of the workshop classes run by Anna Huth (Festival coordinator).

This year's jubilee edition of the Festival took place in the cinema of the Department of Radio and Television at 3 Paweł Street and was connected with the Faculty's open days. As every year, candidates for the studies had the opportunity to consult their photographic works and scripts. Candidates for the Film and Television Production fort he first time could take part in a lecture on the subject of the work of the production manager led by Małgorzata Domin.

During the Festival, 29 films (including 6 animations) from around the world were presented to the audience, and the Jury chaired by Krzysztof Lang chose the winners in 5 categories. The winners received attractive prizes in the form of post-production services and rental of film equipment.

During the Festival, two Masterclasses were held for the students of cinematography and candidates for this major. The Masterclass for the candidates was led by the cinematographer and lecturer of WRiTV, dr Paweł Chorzępa, and the Masterclass for students by Wojciech Staroń, cinematographer and laureate of the PSC Prize oft he Association of Cinematographers for best cinematography for the full-length feature film of 2017.

List of lauerates:
Best film - Nothing New Under The Sun dir. Damian Kocur
Best Polish Language Film - Dregs dir. Kordian Kądziela
Best animation - "Zdrowaś?" dir. Ilona Dybka
Best Picture - DoP Robert Lis for the film Nothing New Under The Sun dir. Damian Kocur
Best Directing - "La manzana" dir. Henry Disotuar
Special Mentions - "Race" dir. Stanisław Cuske

Website of the Festival: www.wegielfestiwal.us.edu.pl


Yesterday in the Teatr Polski, the 20th edition of the Orły was held. Piotr Domalewski with the film "Silent Night" was nominated in 11 categories, he was able to win prizes in 9 of them, among others for the best film, for script and directing. The Polish Film Academy also appreciated the actors; Dawid Ogrodnik was awarded for the leading male part, Arkadiusz Jakubik for the supporting male part and Agnieszka Suchora for the supporting female part.
Also Jan P. Matuszynski and Kasia Adamik received the prize for the best feature film series for the "Wataha" series season 2.

More information and the full list of awarded films:


Three films, produced by the Radio and Television Faculty won prizes during the 10th edition of the Short Waves Festival. In the Polish competition, the first prize went to Damian Kocur with the film Nothing New Under the Sun, the third prize for Jakub Radej for Dust and the audience award Kordian Kądziela for Dregs.

Short Waves Festival is a network of film events scattered in Poznań. Their core is the competition screenings - sets of short films covering five categories: International Competition, Polish Competition, Dances with Camera, Urban View and Best of Ten.
Short Waves Festival means also entertainment theme films, such as Comedy Shorts or Hot Shorts, focus program as well as innovative audiovisual events.

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Graduates’ meeting’s photo

On Saturday, 24.03, the graduates' meeting took place. The event was initiated by the Student Council and graduates.
The program included a visit to the new headquarters of the Faculty, a commemorative photograph, screenings of new and archival school short films, and a meeting with a less formal character in the old Bytkowska lodging.

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The Febiofest International Film Festival was held for the 25th time. During this edition, the jury and the audience watched over 100 films divided in 8 sections. Two films from Katowice Film School entitled "Let me in" by Dominika Gnatek and Dust by Jakub Radeja were qualified for the competition The film of Jakub Radej was awarded with the best short film award in the In the Heart of Europe competition.

More information and the list of the awarded films: