Opening in Galeria Pusta gallery

On Wednesday, 27.12, the last opining of the project "School of Vision" in Jaworzno took place in the Photographic Gallery PUSTA Cd. An exhibition presented was entitled "Rozpad" by Lena Jabłońska. More information can be found on facebook: link And on the website: link

Festival in Clermont-Ferrand

Among the nominees in the international competition of the Festival in Clermont-Ferrand was the film "Powder" by Jakub Radej. The Festival is one of the largest and most important short film festivals in Europe and in the world. The event in Clermont-Ferrand is not just a competition, but also a film fair. The jubilee 40th edition will take place on 2.10.2018.

Damian Kocur and Jakub Radej winners at the Zubroffka Short Film Festival

During the 12th edition of the International Short Film Festival ŻUBROFFKA, the first prize in the Polish Student Competition was won by Jakub Radej for the film Dust. The jury justified their choice with a combination of poetry and masterful visual precision in portraying fundamental existential fears. Damian Kocur received the Best Story Award for the film Nothing New Under the Sun. The jury mo...

„If I Only Were A Spider” on a Festival in China

The If I Only Were A Spider film by Katarzyna Warzecha took part in the competition during the 8th edition of the International New Media Short Film Festival in China. The Festival is an important event on the festival map, appreciated both by the domestic and foreign film industry. CSFF together with the International Film Festival in Beijing and the Shanghai International Film Festival are...

Nominations for Paszport “Polityki” (Polityka’s Passport) 2017

Our graduates Piotr Domalewski for the film "Silent Night" and Paweł Maślona for the film "Panic Attack" were nominated for Polityka Passports. The Polityka’s Passport is an award granted since 1993 by the "Polityka" weekly to the creators in six categories: literature, film, theater, classical music, popular music, visual arts, and digital culture. The full list of nominees: link

Silesian Science Award

During the Silesian Science Festival, the Silesian Science Award wasawarded for the first time, promoting outstanding achievements of Silesian scientists, doctoral students and students representing various scientific disciplines and various types of artistic creation. Among the fifteen winners there were, among others, mgr Jan P. Matuszyński and Jakub Radej. The full list of winners: link


Admissions for Erasmus students to RTV International Studies

Admissions for students from the European Union and other countries to study RTV International Studies in the fields: Communcation and Media Management Film and Media Arts in the academic year 2017/2018 is now open! Winter semester runs from 01/10/2017 to 30/0...

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