"My Country, So Beautiful", dir. Grzegorz Paprzycki wins the short film competition "In the Heart of Europe" at the Febiofest International Film Festival in Bratislava. Febiofest is considered the largest film festival in Slovakia.

The award was granted by a jury composed of: Katharina Stumm, Peter Cerovšek and Fernando Vasquez.

As we read in the explanatory memorandum, the award for the film "My Country, So Beautiful" was awarded "for its remarkable ability to reflect an important topic which, despite its local, Polish character, has universal significance in our times. Grzegorz Paprzycki's talent to create a strong, short documentary, which in fact covers a large area of today's society, lost in a world turned upside down, never losing objectivity and intentions. We believe that this film can become a unique document allowing us to understand the world we live in. It is the work of a filmmaker in the best sense of the word."

The producer of the film "My Country, So Beautiful" is Krystyna Doktorowicz (Kieślowski Film School of the University of Silesia in Katowice). The film was made under the artistic supervision of Beata Dzianowicz and Andrzej Fidyk.

Kino Dzieci Industry

Kino Dzieci Industry, together with the 45th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, invites everyone to participate in lectures on the production of films for children. In this way, they want to encourage the Polish film industry to become interested in this genre.

The webinars will be held as part of the new series of meetings, "Get close to ... youth cinema", which is part of the Gdynia Industry program. The webinars will be available on the YouTube channel of FPFF Gdynia. The meetings will be conducted in English.

Kino Dzieci Industry is an event aimed at the Polish and international film industry, accompanying the Children's Cinema IFF. The organizer of both projects is the Education Department of the New Horizons Association, which for many years has been carrying out activities aimed at increasing the interest of authors and the audience in cinema for children and young people, which can successfully combine artistic cinema with high attendance. Thanks to the partnership of Kino Dzieci Industry and the festival in Gdynia, three online meetings will take place, during which we want to show Polish filmmakers and festival guests what opportunities and benefits are created by film production for young viewers..

More: www.kidskinoindustry.pl


Co-production with China
December 11, 2020, 11.00-12.00 / co-organizer: Kino Dzieci Industry

KShaping production between the art house and the commercial trend
December 11, 2020, 14.00-15.00 / co-organizer: Kino Dzieci Industry

Master lecture by Philip LaZebnik
11 December 2020, 16.00-16.45 / co-organizer: Kino Dzieci Industry

Hi, How Are You / fot. Paweł Grabarek

On December 1-6, 2020, the 38th edition of the Tous Courts of Aix-en-Provence Festival takes place in France. In the international competition we will see "Hi, How are You" (2019), dir. Michał Chmielewski. In turn, the documentary short film "The Gap is Always Third" (2019), dir. Katarzyna Sikorska will compete for awards at the La Muestra Intergalactica Festival. It is one of the 6 film festivals recommended by the New York Film Academy in Mexico, and the Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE) recognizes it as one of the most important in Coahuila state. This year's edition takes place on 1-7 December in the online formula.

Two competition screenings abroad in December will have the short film "Restart" (2019) dir. Julian Tałandziewicz. The Asian premiere of the film will take place in the official competition section of the Macau International Short Film Festival (China). The Spanish premiere will take place during the 32nd edition of Aguilar Film Festival (4-13 December 2020).

In Macau, China, also the short "Skin" (2019), dir. Mateusz Znaniecki wqill compete for the awards. The film received two awards for the best student film and the Welsh Dragon Award during the International Film Festival of Wales (Great Britain), which ended on November 30. The organizers of the Macau International Short Film Festival in cooperation with our University have also prepared a review of the most interesting short films by students of Kieślowski Film School from the previous year. The program of the review includes "Never Well" (2019) by Paweł Powolny, "Ela’s Love. Excerpt" (2019) by Piotr Bieliński,"Let’s Cry" (2019) by Tadeusz Kabicz,"The Roots" (2019) by Kuba Gryżewski, "Flight School" (2019) by Klaudia Kęska and "Whisperer" (2019) by Katarzyna Sikorska. Program: link

Whereas "JJulek" (2019), dir. Bartosz Toboła travels to Russia in December. It will be seen by the audience of the International Film and Video Festival Catharsis (December 11-20, 2020). "Julek" will visit Pskov, Yekaterinburg, Vladimir and St. Petersburg. The short film will compete for awards in the human rights film competition.

27.11.2020 2
"Lolo" / photo Fryderyk Potoczek

The film "Lolo" (2019) directed by Michał Piotrowski was announced the best film in the international short film competition at the 15th edition of the Batumi International Art-House Film Festival, which was moved from September to November. The prize was awarded by a jury composed of Otar Litanishvili (Georgia - chairman of the Jury), Zura Maghalashvili (Georgia) and Davit Evgenidze (Georgia). Batumi International Art-House Film Festival is one of the most important cultural events in Georgia.

In turn, "Test" (2020) directed by Bartosz Toboła - the 5th year student of Cinematography, received the CYIFF 2020 GOT TALENT award during the 15th edition of the Cyprus International Film Festival held in Nicosia. The Cyprus International Film Festival has the quality stamp of Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe (EFFE) - an international initiative established by the European Festival Association (EFA) aimed at promoting and cooperating with the best European cultural festivals. It is also included in the Top 100 best-rated festivals on the FilmFreeway platform among 5 500 associated festivals from around the world.

Festival Interpretations

For the first time to celebrate the jubilee edition of the 20. Festival of the Art of Directing 2020 Interpretations a discussion panel with the representatives of some of the most important theatre and performing arts festivals will take place.

Since this year the pandemic has dramatically changed the organization of many cultural events, postponing or cancelling others, the Organizers decided to organize the 20. edition of the Festival of the Art of Directing 2020 Interpretations in an online form.

During the panel we will discuss with our Guests the decisions that they have made in the organization of their events, as well as the future of the theatre events in general.

The main areas of the moderated discussion will be:

  • how did the pandemics change the presence of the theatre festivals online, but also "in the physical reality", and what aspects were taken into consideration when organizing or postponing the events
  • how the functioning of the theatre, film and media arts festivals and their impact on the viewer can be assessed and whether a detachment from the festival atmosphere can be visible?
  • what organizational and production problems do theatre festivals taking place online come across?
  • what expectations from the theatre, cinema and visual arts will the audience have after pandemics - is there going to be any change in the language of the theatre or film?

The Festivals taking part in the panel (in an alphabetical order):

  • Berliner Theatertreffen
  • Chekhov International Theatre Festival
  • Edinburgh International Festival
  • London International Festival of Theatre
  • Sibiu International Theatre Festival

More information about festival: link