When the Lights of Dawn Arise

Director and screenwriter: Mateusz Głowacki

Director of photography: Marcin Banasiak

Editor: Wojciech Janas

Production manager: Natalia Mieszczanin

Artistic supervisors: Maciej Pieprzyca, Andrzej Ramlau

Cast: Błażej Wójcik, Maciej Ferlak, Dariusz Gnatowski, Juliusz Chrząstowski, Anita Poddębniak, Dariusz Chojnacki, Mirosław Bieliński

Year of production: 2012

Running time: 29'

The 60. Poland. A coach trip: a group of office workers goes mushroom picking. The director announces a competition: the employee who finds the largest mushroom will get a bonus. The competition begins. However, it turns out that the trippers care more about buttering up their director than about the very mushrooms.

Film represented by Krakow Film Foundation

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Festival screenings of the film:

Play Poland Film Festival, travelling (2013) - screening

filmPOLSKA, Berlin, Germany (2014) - screening

13th International Short and Independent Film Festival Dhaka, Bangladesh (2014) - screening

37th Gdynia Film Festival, Poland (2012) - Best Short Film

31st The Youth and Film - The Festival of Film Debuts in Koszalin, Poland (2012) - in competition

12th New Horizons International Film Festival, Poland (2012) - in competition

19th International Film Festival Etiuda & Anima, Poland (2012) - in competition

11th International Independent Film Forum, Poland (2012) - in competition

6th Film and Art Festival Two Riversides, Poland (2012) - Second Prize in the Independent Short Film Competition

5th Polish Film Meetings "Kameralne Lato", Poland (2012) - in competition

9th Węgiel International Student Film Festival, Poland (2012) - Best Directing

6th Festival of Polish Independent Film Offeliada, Poland (2012) - Grand Prix in the Student Film category and Special Mention of the Student Jury

9th Comedy Film Festival "Barejada", Poland (2012) - "Grand Miś" Prize

Golden Anteaters Film Festival, Poland (2012) - Second Prize in the Student Films Competition

5th International Film Festival The Doors, Poland (2012) - Third Prize in the Student Films Competition

9th GOFFR Film Festival, Poland (2012) - Third Prize

Festival of Young Cinema "Piękni Dwudziestoletni", Poland (2012) - Best Actress Award for Anita Poddębniak

International Independent Film Festival „Publicystyka”, Poland (2012) - Second Prize in the Student Films Competition

28th Warsaw Film Festival, Poland (2012) - screening

Slot Art Festival, Poland (2012) - screening

20th Nationwide Film Festival Prowincjonalia, Poland (2013) - Best Short Fiction Film

59th Nationwide Independent Film Competition OKFA, Poland (2013) - First Prize in the Student Films Competition

17th Festival of Polish Comedies, Poland (2013) - Grand Prix

"Filmowa Góra" Film Festival, Poland (2013) - in competition

11th Multimedia Happy End Film Festival, Poland (2013) - in competition

6th Festival of Film Directing, Poland (2013) - in competition

5th Solanin Film Festival, Poland (2013) - in competition

6th Independent Film Festival SPAM, Poland (2013) - Special Mention

2nd Festival of Film Acting, Poland (2013) - Best Actor Award in the Student Etudes Competition for Tadeusz Wojcieszak

6th OFF CAMERA International Festival of Independent Cinema, Poland (2013) - screening

4th International Festival of Film Producers Regiofun, Poland (2013) - screening

7th Filmoffo Film Festival, Poland (2014) - in competition

10th Best Off Film Festival, Poland (2014) - Best Film

8th CK OFF Film Festival, Poland (2014) - Grand Prix

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