Beata Dzianowicz

Beata Dzianowicz, PhD

Film and theatre director, screenwriter, playwright, author of literary essays. She graduated from the Faculty of Polish Studies in 1993 and Kieślowski Faculty of Radio and Television in 1996, both at the University of Silesia. Between 2000 and 2014 she worked as a specialist for the film at the Silesian Theatre. Since 2014, she’s an assistant professor at the School of Directing Faculty of Radio and Television. Since 2011 she directs diploma performances of the Vocal and Acting Faculty of Music Academy in Katowice. Therein she cooperates with the Faculty of Jazz.

Her theatrical plays have been staged at the theaters and television theatre, one of them was implemented as a radio play. She is an author of eight documentaries, and two cycles of cultural journalism ( "Znaki" and "Słowa i znaki"). She co-conducted film workshops in Kabul (2006), and workshops for the Belarusian opposition film directors within “15 minutes: Belarus”(2012). In her literary publications she focuses mainly on Polish contemporary literature, however, she also drew a few sketches about the Romantic era. She is a co-author (with Krzysztof Kopczyński) of an e-textbook on the development of documentary projects.

Winner of 12 film awards and honors, including the Grand Prix at the 61st International Film Festival in Locarno (Le Prix SRG SSR idee Suisse /Semaine de la Critique, 2008) for the film "Latawce".