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The idea of the Festival is to present the work of film school students from all over the world to a wider audience, as well as to exchange experience and integrate the schools in a creative way. Confrontation of their film achievements is for students a good opportunity to observe the techniques and craft of their colleagues. It gives the opportunity to exchange views on the presented topics and an artistic side of their films. Finally, it lets the students to get appreciated by a professional jury and a large audience.

The aim of the Festival, and events accompanying it, is also to integrate the participants: lead joint discussions and have fun. Węgiel Film Festival is an extraordinary event, organized with great passion by the students of the second year of Film production at Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School, University of Silesia in Katowice.

Year after year this event is becoming even more popular, well beyond the borders of our country. Due to the annual participation in the competition of many foreign film productions, the Festival is a project of international importance.

The importance of the Festival is indicated by the presence of eminent personalities from the world of the film in the Jury. So far, we have honored the presence of, among others, Milenia Fiedler (editor - Tatarak, Samotność w sieci, Weiser), Marcin Koszałka (cinematographer, screenwriter, director - Rewers, Rysa, Pręgi), Andrzej Ramlau (cinematographer - Mniejsze zło, Sara, Tato, Sami swoi), Adam Sikora (cinematographer - Las, Cztery noce z Anną, Essential Killing, Młyn i Krzyż), Magdalena Dipont (stage designer - Rewers, Tatarak, Mój Nikifor, Dług, Prowokator, Trzy kolory: Biały, Dekalog, Człowiek z żelaza, Katyń), Dagmara Drzazga (documentary film director - Lech Majewski. Świat według Bruegela, Bobrek dance, Pekin 2008), and Anna Radwan (actress - Zakochany anioł, Katyń).

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