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God Bless You

Director and screenwriter: Jakub Radej

Director of photography: Patryk Kin

Editors: Peter Nikk, Jakub Radej

Music: Dariusz Radej

Production manager: Katarzyna Kordecka

Artistic supervisor: Leszek Wosiewicz

Cast: Filip Pławiak, Anna Pijanowska, Robert Kowalczyk

Year of production: 2014

Running time: 11'

"I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners" Matthew 9:13

A young cleric during a holly mass gets a letter from one of the female believers, which reminds him of a recent sin. He must make the right decision to be able to follow a spiritual path. Does one have to sin to become a saint? A story told without dialogues.

Bog zaplac 2

Festival screenings of the film:

20th International Short Film Festival in Drama, Greece (2014) - screening

25th Mediawave International Film and Music Gathering, Hungary (2015) - in competition

12th Neisse Film Festival, Germany (2015) - in competition

11th International Short Film Festival Detmold, Germany (2015) - in competition

12th Corto Creativo Short Film Festival, Mexico (2015) - in competition

5th Short Film Festival of the Cote Bleue, France (2015) - in competition

16th Annual Polish Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA (2015) - in competition

20th Riga International Film Festival 2ANNAS, Latvia (2015) - screening

Cambridge Watersprite International Student Film Festival, United Kingdom (2016) - Nomination for Best Cinematography Award

1st Paphos International Film Festival, Cyprus (2016) - in competition

39th Gdynia Film Festival, Poland (2014) - in competition

33rd The Youth and Film - The Festival of Film Debuts in Koszalin, Poland (2014) - in competition

43rd Lubuskie Film Summer, Poland (2014) - in competition

8th Festival of Polish Independent Film Offeliada, Poland (2014) - Best Script

7th Solanin Film Festival, Poland (2015) - in competition

23rd Camerimage International Film Festival, Poland (2014) - screening

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