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Doctor Faustus

Director and screenwriter: Anna Urbańczyk

Director of photography: Józefina Gocman

Editor: Iza Pająk

Production manager: Joanna Śniegucka

Artistic supervisor: Filip Bajon

Cast: Tomasz Nosiński, Jerzy Zelnik, Katarzyna Błaszczyńska, Szymon Czacki, Robert Mania, Irena Sierakowska

Year of production: 2015

Running time: 21'

Thomas is a German writer living in emigration in the United States during World War II. He writes a story of a friend - a brilliant composer - Adrian, who believed that he sold his soul to the devil. He wants to explain in this way what had led to the downfall of his nation. However, the effects of revealing the notes to a random person fail to meet the expectations of Thomas.

Doktor Faustus 2

Festival screenings of the film:

37th Durban International Film Festival, South Africa (2016) - in competition

4th Fer Film International Film Festival, Republic of Kosovo (2016) - in competition

23rd Camerimage International Film Festival, Poland (2015) - screening

44th Lubuskie Film Summer, Poland (2015) - screening

13th Węgiel International Student Film Festival, Poland (2016) - screening

Doktor Faustus 3