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Director and screenwriter: Marek Marlikowski

Director of photography: Zofia Goraj

Editor: Tristan Tomczak

Production managers: Kinga Nawrocka, Karolina Papadomichelaki

Cast: Justyna Wasilewska, Rafał Królikowski, Jan Lech

Year of production: 2013

Running time: 14'

A young woman trains intensively for an unusual test by diving, running, meditating and trying to fully control her body, but it refuses to do everything she wants. Despite health and family complications however, she fights on. During her trial, emotions fly high and her family threads interfere so much with her passion that the day will forever be marked in her mind.

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Festival screenings of the film:

19th International Short Film Festival Leuven, Belgium (2013) - in competition

10th Fresh Film Fest 2013 - Prague International Festival of First Features and Student Films, Czech Republic (2013) - screening

62nd San Sebastian International Film Festival, Spain (2014) - in competition

24th Mediawave International Film and Music Gathering, Hungary (2014) - in competition

5th Flicks International Student Film Festival, The Netherlands (2014) - in competition

32nd International Film Festival of Uruguay, Uruguay (2014) - Special Mention

10th Monterrey International Film Festival, Mexico (2014) - in competition

32nd Festival Tous Courts, France (2014) - in competition

21st International Short Film Festival Capalbio Cinema, Italy - in competition

16th Bratislava International Film Festival, Slovakia (2014) - Special Mention

Sleepwalkers International Short Film Festival, Estonia (2014) - in competition

13th Magma Film Festival, Italy (2014) - in competition

11th Naoussa International Film Festival, Greece (2014) - in competition

Les Enfants terribles European First Film Festival, Belgium (2014) – in competition

11th Neisse Film Festival, Germany (2014) - in competition

20th International Short Film Festival in Drama, Greece (2014) - screening

12th Reykjavik Shorts & Docs, Iceland (2014) - screening

26th Istanbul International Short Film Festival, Turkey (2014) - screening

Play Poland Film Festival, travelling (2014) - screening

16th International Short Film Festival Bunter Hund, Germany (2015) - in competition

Leiden International Short Film Experience, The Netherlands (2015) - in competition

filmPOLSKA, Berlin, Germany (2015) - screening

13th New Horizons International Film Festival, Poland (2013) - in competition

38th Gdynia Film Festival, Poland (2013) - in competition

32nd The Youth and Film - The Festival of Film Debuts in Koszalin, Poland (2013) - in competition

1st Film Festival Eureka, Poland (2013) - in competition

6th Short Waves Film Festival, Poland (2014) - in competition

4th Festival of Young Cinema "Piękni Dwudziestoletni", Poland (2014) - in competition

11th Węgiel International Student Film Festival, Poland (2014) - in competition

60th Nationwide Independent Film Competition OKFA, Poland (2014) - in competition

2nd Filmmakers' Day, Poland (2014) - in competition

2nd Independent Film Festival QL, Poland (2014) - in competition

7th Independent Film Festival SPAM, Poland (2014) - in competition

4th Sokołowsko Film Festival Hommage à Kieślowski, Poland (2014) - screening

23rd Camerimage International Film Festival, Poland, Bydgoszcz (2015) - screening

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