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The Last Train

The Last Train

Director and screenwriter: Weronika Tofilska

Director of photography: Paweł Chorzępa

Editor: Wojciech Janas

Music: Bartosz Idzi

Production managers: Sandra Staletowicz, Piotr Sehnal

Artistic supervisors: Michał Rosa, Magdalena Piekorz

Cast: Henryk Niebudek, Grażyna Bułka, Maja Cyrwus, Maja Ciunelis

Year of production: 2010

Running time: 14'

Antony has got an overweight wife, a depressing job and feels bitterly disappointed. He has been having sleeping problems for some time. He has just realized that he is not going to see anything good happen in his life; he is not bound to make his dream about different life with another woman in another place come true. In this vast overwhelming hopelessness he is surrounded by the only comfort he can get comes from memories about his first love from many years before.

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Festival screenings of the film:

10th St. Petersburg International Festival of Debut and Student Films Beginning, Russia (2011) - Grand Prix and Best Cinematography

1st New Vision International Short Film Festival, Ukraine (2011) - Best Short Film

Overlook Film Festival, Italy (2011) - Special Mention

Magma Film Festival, Italy (2011) - Prize Premio Lorenzo Vecchio

8th Naoussa International Film Festival, Greece (2011) - 2nd Best Digital View South East Europe Film

5th International Film Festival Northern Wave, Iceland (2012) - Best International Short Film

6th Shortini Film Festival, Italy (2012) - Best Film, Best Directing and Best Cinematogaphy

18th Camerimage International Film Festival, Poland (2010) - in competition

30th The Youth and Film - The Festival of Film Debuts in Koszalin, Poland (2011) - in competition

40th Lubuskie Film Summer, Poland (2011) - Best Short Fiction Film

51st Kraków Film Festival, Poland (2011) - screening

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