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The Side

Director and screenwriter: Alex Casianov

Director of photography: Natalia Pietsch

Editor: Filip Drzewiecki

Music: Brendan Paxton

Production manager: Karolina Zdzińska

Artistic supervisors: Filip Bajon, Jerzy Łukaszewicz

Cast: Kacper Motyka, Andrzej Kozak, Martyna Krzysztofik, Ryszard Węgrzyn, Katarzyna Zawadzka, Rafał Cieluch

Year of production: 2014

Running time: 18'

Gregory gets a gift from a family friend, his first camera. He doesn't even know that it will have an impact on his live. As a child he observes the changing world around him, trying to keep these moments in his camera cliches. Small, often irrelevant things, taking place in a small German town, are the reason for which he is still been accused. However, in the future he will have to commit a crime, that justice to be served.

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Festival screenings of the film:

20th International Short Film Festival in Drama, Greece (2014) - screening

25th Mediawave International Film and Music Gathering, Hungary (2015) - in competition

6th Flicks International Student Film Festival, The Netherlands (2015) - in competition

10th Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series, USA (2015) - in competition

2nd First Step Film Fest, Albania (2015) - in competition

The Quarantine Film Festival, Bulgaria (2016) - in competition

33rd The Youth and Film - The Festival of Film Debuts in Koszalin, Poland (2014) - in competition

8th Film and Art Festival Two Riversides, Poland (2014) - in competition

43rd Lubuskie Film Summer, Poland (2014) - screening

61st Nationwide Independent Film Competition OKFA, Poland (2015) - in competition

9th Filmoffo Film Festival, Poland (2016) - in competition

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