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Director and screenwriter: Paweł Maślona

Director of photography: Grzegorz Hartfiel

Editor: Tomasz Krzeszowiec

Music: Igor Kłaczyński

Production managers: Daria Maślona, Mateusz Kowalczyk, Łukasz Wójcik

Artistic supervisors: Michał Rosa, Jerzy Łukaszewicz

Cast: Arkadiusz Detmer, Feliks Szajnert, Ewa Kaim, Gabriela Czyżewska, Tola Jasionowska, Józef Kowalczyk

Year of production: 2011

Running time: 26'

So far, Adam’s life has followed a plan – he has a wife, house and son who is soon to be born. But his mother’s death puts him out of the safe rut of life as he has to look after his infirm father. Unwilling to adapt his comfortable existence to the new circumstances, he decides to put the widowed father in the care centre. At that time he does not yet realize that the consequences of this decision will determine his future life.

Zacmienie 2

Festival screenings of the film:

10th International Student Film & Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy, China (2011) - in competition

Curta Cinema Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival, Brazil (2011) - in competition

15th Shanghai International Film Festival, China (2012) - Best Director International Student Short Award

Play Poland Film Festival, travelling (2012) - screening

16th Eskisehir International Film Festival, Turkey (2014) - screening

25th Ankara International Film Festival, Turkey (2014) - screening

Kisaca Film Festival 2014, Turkey (2014) - screening

17th International Film Festival Etiuda & Anima, Poland (2010) - Audience Award in the Etiuda Competition

18th Camerimage International Film Festival, Poland (2010) - in competition

36th Gdynia Film Festival, Poland (2011) - in competition

30th The Youth and Film - The Festival of Film Debuts in Koszalin, Poland (2011) - in competition

51st Kraków Film Festival, Poland (2011) - screening

41st Lubuskie Film Summer, Poland (2012) - in competition

Zacmienie 3