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The Return

The Return

Director: Damian Kocur

Screenwriters: Damian Kocur, Yulia Yukhymets

Director of photography: Kacper Sędzielewski

Editor: Sebastian Mialik

Production managers: Katarzyna Sierka, Julia Derejczyk

Artistic supervision: Adam Sikora

Cast: Magdalena Czewińska, Kobas Laksa, Jonatan Borowski, Jadwiga Przybylska

Year of production: 2016

Running time: 21'

Ania comes out of prison on her first thirty-hour leave. At home, her husband and toddler son are waiting for her arrival. Everything is prepared - the whole family is to leave the country during Ania's time out of prison. Before the escape, she decides to once again meet the family of the person that she killed.

Film represented by Krakow Film Foundation

Official website of the film

Powrót 2

Festival screenings of the film:

56th Kraków Film Festival, Poland (2016) - in competition

35th The Youth and Film - The Festival of Film Debuts in Koszalin, Poland (2016) - in competition

45th Lubuskie Film Summer, Poland (2016) - in competition

20th Summer with Muses Festival, Poland (2016) - Special Mention

32nd Warsaw Film Festival, Poland (2016) - screening

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