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Director and screenwriter: Kordian Kądziela

Director of photography: Michał Pukowiec

Editor: Magdalena Chowańska

Production managers: Katarzyna Kostecka, Wojciech Wesołowski

Artistic supervisors: Michał Rosa, Jerzy Łukaszewicz

Cast: Sara Celler Jezierska, Filip Perkowski, Rafał Kosowski, Marek Pyś, Tomasz Chrapusta

Year of production: 2016

Running time: 30'

Lockjaw, a performance art trio, dream of conquering art industry. Unfortunately, for now, they are mainly preoccupied with more mundane things. Igor makes a living by taking pictures for supermarket special offer leaflets. Baton works in an amusement park and scares children who visit the haunted house. Laura is an accountant in a company that utilizes electronic waste. The viewer witnesses their struggle, as they prepare for “Prowokalia” – one of the most important performance art festivals.


Festival screenings of the film:

16th New Horizons International Film Festival, Poland (2016) - in competition

41st Gdynia Film Festival, Poland (2016) - Best Student Film Award and Krakow Film Cluster Award

45th Lubuskie Film Summer, Poland (2016) - in competition

56th Kraków Film Festival, Poland (2016) - screening

32nd Warsaw Film Festival, Poland (2016) - screening