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Director and screenwriter: Kordian Kądziela

Director of photography: Piotr Chodura

Editor: Magdalena Chowańska

Music: Bartosz Kruczyński

Production manager: Katarzyna Kostecka

Artistic supervisor: Krzysztof Lang

Cast: Izabela Dąbrowska, Henryk Niebudek, Sebastian Perdek, Ewa Wencel

Year of production: 2017

Running time: 28'

Beata's life is not a bed of roses. She's lonely, lives in a tiny, cluttered place in a block of flats, and on top of that, she's addicted to gambling. All of this, however, doesn't stop her from advising hundreds of other people on what to do. That's because she's a telephone fortune teller. Her life changes drastically, when one of her readings almost leads to a tragedy.

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Festival screenings of the film:

57th Krakow Film Festival, Poland (2017) - in competition

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