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Director and screenwriter: Daniel Stopa

Director of photography: Piotr Michalak

Editor: Daniel Stopa, Piotr Michalak

Production manager: Marcelina Kubies

Artistic supervisors: Krzysztof Lang

Cast: Michał Pawłowski, Rita Puzinowska, Paulina Mrożek, Piotr Pić, Tomasz Przybyłek, Marek Przybyłek, Wiktoria Sarna, Karol Twardoch, Kamil Wałęsa

Rok produkcji: 2018

Czas trwania: 8'

Skinny is the debut short feature of Daniel Stopa, a student of Directing Department at WRiTV US in Katowice. It’s a short film which takes up the subject of childhood, portraying small characters in a poetic and nostalgic way. We look at the world through the eyes of siblings: on a beautiful, sunny afternoon, an older brother has to take care of his younger sister. He pours her some compote, then changes the diaper. Outside the boy’s window a group of kids playing football, keeps calling "Skinny" - the title nickname of the main character. Inability to leave his sister leads to tension between siblings. Especially seen in the scene, where the boy indulges in playing table football, while the girl is fighting for his attention. In a closed apartment, the hunger for a connection and fun pushes the siblings to start a game of their own. What’s hidden behind children's games? It is a picture which takes the viewers into the world of childhood memories from the very first shots.

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Festival screenings of the film:

Camerimage International Film Festival, Poland, (2018) - in competition

16th BOGOSHORTS - Bogotá Short Film Festival, Colombia, (2018) - in competition

26rd Nationwide Film Festival Prowincjonalia, Poland - in competition