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The Beast

The Beast

Director and screenwriter: Kamila Chojnacka

Director of photography: Aleksander Krzystyniak

Editor: Jakub Kopeć

Production manager: Natalia Rzepka

Artistic supervisors: Michał Rosa, Adam Sikora

Cast: Adam Misiak, Monika Roszko, Aneta Banach, Przemysław Hippler, Bartosz Jaźwa, Marek Jarosz

Year of production: 2018

Running time: 22’

Music soothes the savage beast! Who said a swashbuckler with the looks of Arnold Schwarzenegger may not fall in love with opera? Krzysztof, who is 19, ends up there by accident, working as a security guard. Moved by the first aria he has heard in his life, he decides to sign up for singing lessons. The clash between what seems two ends of the spectrum: rap and classical music, the gym and the concert hall, is captured by Kamila Chojnacka, the director and scriptwriter, with lightness, humour and, above all, a large dose of fondness for her characters.

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