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The last tale about earth

The last tale about earth

Director and screenwriter: Magdalena Seweryn, Igor Połaniewicz

Director of photography: Igor Połaniewicz

Editor: Patrycja Piróg

Production manager: Małgorzata Socha

Artistic supervisors: Tomasz Woźniczka

Cast: Sławomir Grzymkowski, Natalia Sztabińska, Igor Sztabiński

Year of production: 2018

Running time: 18'

„The last tale about Earth” is a story of a father and two of his children, who try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Everything in their surroundings seems to suggest they are the only people on Earth. They live in an underground shelter in the woods, and due to air contamination they never go outside without protective clothing. A mysterious signal “from the outside”, seen only by the girl, becomes their motivation to face what hides beyond their known world.

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