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The Carwash

Director: Jan P. Matuszyński

Screenwriter: Jan P. Matuszyński

Director of photography: Kacper Fertacz

Editor: Kacper Fertacz, Jan P. Matuszyński

Sound: Mikołaj Kaczmarczyk

Production manager: Maciej Zawadzki, Renata Borodyn

Cast: Sławomir Holland, Lesław Żurek, Zdzisław Wardejn, Joanna Fertacz, Jerzy Połoński

Year of production: 2007

Running time: 20’

Andrzej, a great fan of speedway racing, can’t go back home where his beloved woman as well as a the world cup TV broadcast are waiting for him, because he has to fill in for his indisposed colleague at a night shift in the carwash. It was another quiet night, as he expected. Until a yellow Wartburg drove into the carwash... ‘People have been trying to create tragedies for ages, yet what comes out is just a comedy’ – this is the motto by Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg, which opens this film, full of suspense and comedy.

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Festival screenings of the film:

Gliwice Off Film Festival GOFFR (2007) – Award in the student competition

International Film Festival Zoom – Zblizenia (2008) – Best student film

International Short Film Festival CINEMAFORUM (2008) – First Award

Zamość Summer Film Festival (2008) – Main Prize

Short Waves Film Festival (2009) – Grand Prix

Myjnia 3

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