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Director: Bartosz Toboła

Screenwriter: Bartosz Toboła, Ewa Toboła

Director of photography: Bartosz Toboła

Editor: Bartosz Toboła

Sound: Bartosz Toboła

Production manager: Jakub Swoboda

Artistic supervisor:: Marcin Koszałka

Year of production: 2019

Running time: 28'

It would be difficult to describe the fascination Julek experienced when he saw the performance of the Krakow Choir for the first time. Despite his autism, he is not an "excluded hero". He participates. He comes to rehearsals, beats out the rythm, sings. At home, together with his mother, he learns the lyrics which often creates personal, emotional tensions. 'Julek' is a film about the need to fit into the world, despite the inherent sense of difference, loss and inevitable farewells.p>

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Julek 2

Festival screenings of the film:

38. Koszalin Festival Film Debut "Youth and Film", Koszalin, Poland (2019) – in competition

48. Lubuskie Film Summer, Łagów, Poland (2019) – in competition

16th European Film Festival Integration You and Me, Koszalin, Poland (2019) – in competition

On Art. Film Festival, Poland (2020) – in competition

32. Polish Film Festival America, Chicago, USA (2020) - screening

26. Festival of Documentary Forms NURT, Kielce, Poland (2020) – Distinction of the artistic commission

4. Festiwal Wrażliwy, Tricity, Poland (2020) – Distinction in the film reportage category

Catharsis International Film and Video Festival, Russia (2020) – in competition

2nd Barć Film Festival 2020, Barcin, Poland (2020) – in Competition

Julek 3