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Helen 25/65

Helen 25/65

Director: Joanna Różniak

Screenwriter: Joanna Różniak

Director of photography: Karolina Biedrowska

Editor: Aleksandra Kasprowicz

Sound: Jarosław Downar

Production manager: Maria Kawalec

Artistic supervisor: Krzysztof Lang

Cast: Katarzyna Bargiełowska, Paweł Paczesny, Dominika Handzlik

Year of production: 2020

Running time: 15'

Helena is a mature woman whose only company is her grey cat. Whatever contact she has with other people is fleeting and insignificant. An unexpected event interrupts her routine and forces her to reexamine her life. Mixing digital and Super 8 footage and sparingly told without the use of dialogue, the film is a meditation on the passage of time and the inner workings of memory.

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Festival screenings of the film:

LJMU MA Short Film Festival, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 2021 – in competition

Kannibal Fest Hungry for Filmmaking International Short Film Festival, Berlin, Germany, 2021 – screening

50. Lubuskie Film Summer, Łagów, Poland, 2021 – screening

Play Poland Film Festival, United Kingdom, 2021 - screening

12. FINC - Festival Internacional de Cinema de Baía Formosa, Baía Formosa, Brazil, 2021 – screening