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The Delivery

The Delivery

Director: Katarzyna Sikorska

Screenwriter: Katarzyna Sikorska

Director of photography: Arkadiusz Powałka

Editor: Aleksandra Rosset

Sound: Jacek Hamela

Composer: Jan Ignacy Królikowski

Production manager: Adrianna Orych

Artistic supervisor: Michał Rosa, Łukasz Baka

Cast: Marta Ścisłowicz, Ksenia Tchórzko, Wojciech Solarz, Arkadiusz Brykalski

Year of production: 2021

Running time: 25'

Alicja is counting weeks to the birth of her daughter. She’s looking forward not only to her child but also to her husband, who works abroad. Oksana, a young Ukrainian, arrives to help her bring the long-awaited daughter to the world, but their life under the same roof is becoming harder than they expected. The tension grows. Hour by hour, envy, fear and uncertainty intensify.

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Festival screenings of the film:

46. Polish Film Festival, Gdynia, Poland, 2021 - in competition

18. FEST - New Directors / New Films Festival, Espinho, Portugal, 2022 - in competition

51. Lubuskie Film Summer, Łagów, Poland, 2022 – screening

"Wajda na Nowo" Film Festival, Suwałki, Poland, 2022 - in competition

14. Solanin Film Festival, Nowa Sól, Poland, 2022 – in competition

The International Film and Television Festival SIMFEST, Tirgu Mures, Romania, 2022 - in competition

2. Malhaar Global Virtual Film Festival, India, 2022 - in competition

5. PORTO FEMME - International Film Festival, Porto, Portugal, 2022 - in competition

7. Lower Silesia Film Festival "Złoty Samorodek", Złotoryja, Poland, 2022 - in competition

9. WAMA Film Festival, Olsztyn, Poland, 2022 – in competition

22. European Short Film Festival of Nice Un Festival C'est Trop Court!, Nice, France, 2022 - in competition

The Pigeon International Film Festival, Ísafjordur, Iceland, 2022 – in competition

1. Nano Film Festival, Kraków, Poland, 2022 - in competition

11. Festiwal Filmów Frapujących, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland, 2022 – in competition

7. UkraÏna! Film Festival, Warsaw, Poland, 2022 - Special Mention in the Short Film Competition

9. Goa Short Film Festival, Pune, India, 2022 - in competition

Demakijaż - Women’s Film Festival, Lublin, Poland, 2022 - in competition

21. International Short Film Festival CINEMAFORUM, Warsaw, Poland, 2022 – Jan Machulski Awards screenings

Student World Impact Film Festival (SWIFF), United States, 2022 - Honorable Mention

3. Barć Film Festival, Barcin, Poland, 2022 – in competition

8. Play Poland Film Festival, United Kingdom, 2022 - screening