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Director: Michał Piotrowski

Screenwriter: Michał Piotrowski

Director of photography: Fryderyk Potoczek

Editor: Robert Kołodziejczyk

Sound: Jan Dzyr

Production manager: Agata Jarmułowicz, Katarzyna Kupczak

Artistic supervisor: Michał Rosa

Cast: Dariusz Basiński, Anna Grąbczewska, Marcin Gaweł, Grzegorz Lamik

Year of production: 2022

Running time: 24'

Ireneusz lives in a block of flats with his exotic tree, Phily. He repairs old audio and video equipment. In his free time he watches VHS tapes on which his whole life is recorded. One of them hides a painful secret from the past. When a young girl moves into the apartment next door, Ireneusz's life turns upside down. The new acquaintance confronts him with his deepest trauma.

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Festival screenings of the film:

41. Koszalin Festival of Film Debuts Młodzi i Film, Koszalin, Poland 2022 – in competition

25. Summer with Muses Festival, Nowogard, Poland, 2022 - in competition

9. WAMA Film Festival, Olsztyn, Poland, 2022 – in competition