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Silent Day’s

Silent Day’s

Director: Rafał Paluszkiewicz

Screenplay: Rafał Paluszkiewicz

Cinematography: Patryk Roman

Editing: Rafał Paluszkiewicz, Grzegorz Paprzycki

Sound: Michał Zaniewski, Kacper Wiącek

Music: Jakub Adamiak

Production Management: Weronika Kozioł

Artistic Supervision: Michał Rosa

Cast: Natalia Strzelecka, Konrad Biel

Year of Production: 2023

Duration: 18 minutes

The life of the two protagonists has been pasted into the space of a modest apartment, where each of them performs daily rituals, trying not to get in each other's way. It would seem that they lead a completely unattractive life, devoid of emotions, full of indifference and silent self-pity, but are there many colors missing? If the other person has to face the emptiness of their little universe, then perhaps the greatest success in life is to find dignity and strength to persevere?

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