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Directed by: Łukasz Sikora

Written by: Łukasz Sikora

Cinematography: Jakub Stoszek

Edited by: Roman Hanski

Sound: Milan Rabij

Music: Adam Jędrysik

Production Manager: Nikodem Cofała

Artistic Supervisor: Filip Bajon

Cast: Maria Stempa, Jacek Braciak, Emil Wysocki, Wojciech Jakubiec, Dariusz Starczewski, Krystian Durman, Michał Balicki, Tomasz Schimscheiner, Adam Lindel, Andrzej Putkowski, Anna Chorostecka, Jan Razpazjan, Łukasz Sikora

Year of Production: 2023

Duration: 18 minutes

Just before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, professor Filip Bajon announces the end-of-the-year movie theme for 2nd year film directing students - it’s going to be an adaptation of “Master and Margarita”. Hekele’s screenplay was written just after Russian aggression and became somehow the author’s response to the surrounding reality, narrated through the mood and style of the great Bulgakov's novel. However, "Hekele" is not an attempt to assess moral situation, it does not represent the current situation and also it does not position itself on either side - it is rather a story about a war in general. This is not a reporter’s story either but rather a symbolic puzzle in which participated both the best polish actors and amateurs.

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Festival screenings of the film:

48th Polish Film Festival, Gdynia, 2023 – participation in the short film competition