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Jerzy Łukaszewicz

Jerzy Łukaszewicz

Cinematographer, director and screenwriter. He was active in an amateur movement AKF ŚLĄSK (1962-1964). In 1968 he graduated from the Faculty of Cinematography at the State Higher School of Film and Theatre in Lodz. He started his career in 1971 in Film Teams PRF in the KADR Team, which was headed by Jerzy Kawalerowicz. In 2006, by the decision of the President of the Republic of Poland he received the title of professor in film. In 2010, he was appointed by the Rector of the University of Silesia as a full professor (Latin: professor ordinarius). He has taught cinematography at the National Film School in Łódź (1968-1971), and since 1994 he has been a lecturer at Kieślowski Faculty of Radio and Television, University of Silesia in Katowice.

As a cinematographer he created over 15 feature films. The most important titles are: "Dolina Issy" (dir. T. Konwicki), "Spotkanie na Atlantyku" (dir. J. Kawalerowicz), "Siekierezada" (dir. W. Leszczyński), "Vabank I", "Vabank II," "Seksmisja"," Kingsajz "(dir. J. Machulski). His directorial debut was "Przyjaciel wesołego diabła” (1984). In subsequent years, as a screenwriter and director he realized 5 feature films and 5 television series (including "Tajemnica Sagali", "Słoneczna włócznia" in co-production with ARD and MDR – Germany). He is an author of digital reconstruction of, among others, A. Wajda's film "Panny z wilka”, "Człowiek z marmuru", "Człowiek z żelaza", " Krajobraz po bitwie", "Kronika wypadków miłosnych".

Films that he worked on were awarded at prestigious national and international festivals: Gdynia Polish Film Festival, Los Angeles (Emmy Award), Berlin International Film Festival, International Film Festival in Cordoba, Kadyx International Film Festival, International Film Festival in Vevey, IFF Grenoble.

Member of the Association of Polish Filmmakers, Polish Film Academy, the Central Committee for Degrees and Titles (2010-2012). Co-author of the textbook for camera operators "Kino-Oko", he published in the journal "Estetyka i Krytyka" published by the Jagiellonian University. He was an expert of the Script Agency at the Ministry of Culture in the Department of Film and Audiovisual Media (2000-2005), an expert of the Polish Film Institute (2005-2011), an expert of the Polish Accreditation Committee (2008-2015). Dean of Kieslowski Faculty of Radio and Television, University of Silesia (2012-2016).