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Krystyna Doktorowicz

Krystyna Doktorowicz

She graduated from the University of Silesia, where she received the PhD degree and was habilitated at the Faculty of Social Sciences. She represents the discipline of political science with a scientific achievements in the field of media studies. In the years 1996-2016 she served as a Deputy Dean and Dean of the Faculty of Radio and Television.

She directs the the School of Media Management and Film and TV Production Management implementing research projects in the field of new media. She is a member of the Senate Committee for Development of the University of Silesia, and chairs the Committee of Budget and Finance.

In 2001-2005 she was a member of the Program Board of Polish Radio SA, in the years 2003-2010 she served as a president of the Artistic Council of the Silesian Theatre. Since 2007, she has chaired the Program Council of the Silesia Film.

Positions held:

  • Expert of Polish Film Institute
  • Expert of the State Accreditation Committee
  • Reviewer in Central Qualifying Committee for habilitation
  • Member of the Council of the Silesian Film Fund
  • President of the Jury of the competition for an educational campaign on waste management in the
  • Silesian Voivodship. Regional Fund for Environmental Protection. August 2010
  • Chairperson of the jury on the logo of the Silesian Card of Services
  • Participation in the jury of the film competition film "Stop Drugs" (2010)
  • Member of the Jury for journalistic prize of K. Bochenek
  • Member of the chapter awards of Silesian Voivodship Marshal for Young Artists
  • Member of the Chapter Silesian Debut