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Ewa Gębicka

Ewa Gębicka

In 1976 she graduated from the Poznan University of Economics, majoring in Econometrics (Master's degree in economics) and Postgraduate Studies of Film and Television Production at Lodz Film School (1978). In 1992, she obtained a doctorate in humanities at the Faculty of Philology, University of Wrocław . In 2008, she obtained a postdoctoral habilitation degree in humanities in the discipline of art at the Faculty of Management and Social Communication, Jagiellonian University in Kraków. Since 1978, she has worked as an academic teacher and researcher at Kieślowski Faculty of Radio and Television in Katowice. She also lectures at the Faculty of Film Organization, Lodz Film School.

Professionally she deals with the history and contemporary Polish and European cinema as an institution of social life and at the same time of a cultural industry. The focus of her research interests are, inter alia, organizational and financial aspects of the cinematography functioning in the context of technological progress. She teaches issues related to the organization and economics of film production, management processes in the process of filmmaking and marketing the film. She’s a co-author of numerous collective works and author of articles on the issues of history and contemporary Polish cinema, including, inter alia:

  • "Problems of identity of Polish cinema in the era of globalization and competition on the film market". [In] "Identity in the information age. Media. Internet. Cinema", ed. K. Doktorowicz, Katowice 2015
  • “Problems of managing the process of film production in the new media environment”. Media Management 2013, 2, No. 1
  • "New media in promotional campaigns of films. Opportunities and threats" [in] "Around the issues of the film distribution", ed. M. Adamczak, K.Klejsa, Lodz 2015
  • "State Film Studios in the context of the reform of the cinema after 1989" [in] "The idea of a film team. History and new challenges", ed. T. Szczepanski, A. Pachnicka, Lodz 2013

Author of the book "Between the patronage of the state and the market. Polish cinema after 1989 in the context of political transformation." In 1998-2002, she was a chairperson of the Expert Committee for Cinematography for Analysis and Assessment of Feature Film Projects. She is a member of the Polish Society of Social Communication; co-author of the curriculum for the major Film and television production. Promoter of hundreds of students’ theses of the major Film and television production.