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Krzysztof Lang

Krzysztof Lang

Film director, screenwriter and producer. He studied chemistry at the University of Warsaw (1968-1973). He was active in amateur movement in the student club "Stodoła". He graduated in Directing from the Faculty of Radio and Television in 1981. After graduation, he was a member of the Film Group "X" under the direction of Andrzej Wajda. In the years 1982-1987 he was employed as a director in Documentary Film Studio in Warsaw. He is an owner of the production company TFT Ltd.

He is a director of feature films, documentaries and TV theatre and TV series. His most important feature films are "Papierowe małżeństwo" (1991), "Prowokator" (1995), "Strefa ciszy" (2000). Among his documentary films there are "Proces" (1990), "Powstanie Warszawskie 1944" (1994). His TV series include "Prawo miasta" (including production), "Fala zbrodni", "Magda M.". He is a director of the police docusoap "Prawdziwe psy". As a theater director, he worked in Contemporary Theatre in Warsaw - "Koniec początku" - and Luna Theatre in Moscow - "W obłokach miłości”.

He got multiple rewards for his achievements, among others:

  • Golden Camera (Grand Prix Graz 1987)
  • Srebrna Sestercja (Nyon 1992)
  • Grand Prix (Festival "Człowiek w zagrożeniu")
  • I Prize "Młode kino polskie"

He is a member of the SFP and the Polish Film Academy.