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Ada Grzelewska

Ada Grzelewska

Co-founder of the Department of Photography at the Silesian Museum 2014-2020, curator of the art photography collection. Author or co-author of the following exhibitions, among others:

  • State of Weightlessness (24.07.-19.09.2021);
  • Jaremianka. "I'm staying in this theater. I like it here!" (29.09. 2018-17.02.2019);
  • Beksinski-Lewczynski - a necessary supplement (23.09-28.10.2018);
  • Crossover. The beginnings of the neo-avant-garde in Upper Silesia (4.11.2017-1.04.2018),
  • Piotr Szymon. Photography (21.01-25.06.2017),
  • Jaremianka: passion and consequence. Exhibition in Two Acts: Connections with the Theatre and the Laboratory of the Avant-Garde (25.I-24.03.2013).