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Anna Adamus-Matuszyńska

Anna Adamus-Matuszyńska

Sociologist, public relations specialist, a researcher of social conflicts. She studied social sciences at the University of Silesia in 1976-1980. In 1992 she received a PhD in humanities. In 2003-2004 she made postgraduate studies in "Applied Pedagogy" at the Academy of Economics in Katowice. In 2011-2012, she completed another postgraduate studies "Sociological school of Zygmunt Bauman" at the Collegium Civitas in Warsaw.

Participant of the research project: Sectarian and Ethnic Conflicts in the Central-Eastern Europe, University of Cambridge, UK in 1994 - 1999. Project Manager of the project "TEMPUS JEP - 13035/98 Team Approaches to Developing, Implementing and Disseminating Internal Quality Assurance Systems (SQUADDIES)"(1999-2001). Researcher of social conflicts within the VI Framework Programme entitled "Alleviating pressure on the water environment through a new integrated approach to governance and through the technical, economic and institutional instruments (AQUASTRESS)" implemented by the Cracow University of Technology (2005-2007). Co-author of the informational and promotional campaign: Social Dialogue 2010-2011, in cooperation with KPP Lewiatan, Branch Silesia. The author of the evaluation of the project: "Take advantage of the opportunity" (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013).

Key expert in promotion projects:

  • Marketing strategy plan for the Lesser Poland Voivodship for years 2009-2013 (2009)
  • Marketing strategy for Sandomierz (2010)
  • Marketing strategy for Siewierz (2010)
  • Marketing Communication Strategy for Tourist Products together with the brand concept of the city Zabrze as a centre of post-industrial tourism for years 2011-2020
  • co-author of the Strategy for Tourism Development for the Lesser Poland Voivodship in 2014 –2220 (2013)

Author of 3, and an editor of 5 books, an author of over 100 articles in scientific journals and monographs, as well as popular magazines. Mediator in economic disputes; coach, trainer in interpersonal communication, public relations, negotiations, "soft" methods of management, public relations consultant and a consultant for preparation and implementation of strategy for corporate social responsibility (CSR), PARP counsellor for CSR; researcher of social issues. Lecturer at the University of Economics in Katowice and the University of Silesia in Katowice. Member of the Polish Communication Association, Katowice Branch of Polish Economic Society, Polish Public Relations Association. Winner of the prize PROTONY in the category "Education" in 2012.