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Jan Paweł Matuszyński

Jan Paweł Matuszyński

The director of the feature and documentary films. He graduated directing at the Faculty of Radio and Television University of Silesia (now Kieślowski Film School) and the documentary course at Wajda School.

He is a lecturer at the Kieślowski Film School, University of Silesia in Katowice.

The most important films and prizes:

  • 2020 KRÓL (tv series in production); director
  • 2018 NIELEGALNI (Serial fabularny); director
  • 2017 DRUGA SZANSA. CZWARTY SEZON (feature tv series); director
  • 2017 WATAHA (feature tv series); director
  • 2016 OSTATNIA RODZINA (feature film); director
  • 2016 Golden Lions Prize at 41. Feature Film Festival in Gdynia for the best film “Ostatnia rodzina”
  • 2016 Polityka Passport in the category „Film” for his debut film “Ostatnia rodzina”
  • 2014 KOLAUDACJA (documentary film); director, editing, sound engineer
  • 2014 Nagroda Srebrny Jerzy na MFF w Moskwie dla najlepszego filmu dokumentalnego Deep Love
  • 2013 DEEP LOVE (documentary film)


  • 2019 OSTATNIA RODZINA Andrzej Munk Prize (awarded by PWSFTviT)
  • 2017 OSTATNIA RODZINA Złota Taśma (Award of the SFP Film Literature Circle) in the category: Polish film
  • 2017 OSTATNIA RODZINA Września (National Festival of Film Art "Provinces") Main Award "Jancio Wodnik" for the best feature film
  • 2017 OSTATNIA RODZINA Vilnius (International Film Festival "Kino pavasaris") Main Prize in the competition "New Europe - New Names"
  • 2017 OSTATNIA RODZINA Tarnów (Tarnów Film Award) Audience Award
  • 2017 OSTATNIA RODZINA Palić (European Film Festival) Special Jury Award
  • 2017 OSTATNIA RODZINA Orzeł (Polish Film Award) Awards in the category: Discovery of the Year, Best Director, Best Film
  • 2017 OSTATNIA RODZINA Moscow (Polish Film Festival "Wisła") Special Award Jury Diploma
  • 2017 OSTATNIA RODZINA Krakow ("Off Camera" International Independent Cinema Festival) Krakow Film Award in the Main Competition "Making Way" and Audience Award
  • 2017 OSTATNIA RODZINA Koszalin (Koszalin Film Debuts Festival "Youth and Film") Stanisław Różewicz for directing and Audience Award
  • 2016 OSTATNIA RODZINA Warsaw (CentEast Market Warsaw) PISF award for the best Polish film
  • 2016 OSTATNIA RODZINA Toruń ("Tofifest" International Film Festival) "Złoty Anioł" in the Polish film competition "From Poland"
  • 2016 OSTATNIA RODZINA Toronto (Polish Film Festival "Ekran") Audience Award
  • 2016 OSTATNIA RODZINA Polityka Passport (Polityka weekly cultural award) Award in the category: Film
  • 2016 OSTATNIA RODZINA Paris ("KinoPolska" Festival) Main Award
  • 2016 OSTATNIA RODZINA "Perspektywy" Award J. "Kuba" Morgenstern
  • 2016 OSTATNIA RODZINA Lisbon - Estoril (Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival) "Jaeger-LeCoultre" Award for Best Film
  • 2016 OSTATNIA RODZINA Kiev (International Molodist Film Festival) Grand Prix
  • 2016 OSTATNIA RODZINA Gdynia (Film Festival) Crystal Star Elle; Journalists' Award; Audience Award; Grand Jury Award "Golden Lions"; Golden Kangaroo - Australian Distributor Award
  • 2016 Denver (Denver Film Festival) Award Krzysztof Kieślowski
  • 2016 OSTATNIA RODZINA Cottbus (Young Eastern European Cinema Festival) Award for debut
  • 2016 OSTATNIA RODZINA Chicago (Polish Film Festival in America) Special Jury Award
  • 2016 OSTATNIA RODZINA Bydgoszcz (International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography "Camerimage") Main Award in the Polish Film Competition
  • 2015 DEEP LOVE Kiev (International Documentary Film Festival on Human Rights "Docudays UA") Distinction in the competition of full-length documentary films
  • 2015 DEEP LOVE Gdańsk (Gdańsk DocFilm Festival "Dignity and Work") Main Award "Great Gate of Freedom"
  • 2014 DEEP LOVE Moscow (MFF) Award for best documentary film
  • 2014 DEEP LOVE Minsk (International Listapad Film Festival) Diploma in Documentary Competition.