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Marina Gumzi

Marina Gumzi

Born in 1984 in Maribor, Slovenia. Studied dramaturgy, performance studies and film production in Ljubljana, Berlin, Ludwigsburg and Paris.

In 2012, after having worked alongside with performance artists for about a decade, she took over the management of NOSOROGI, Ljubljana-based micro studio for production of films by up-and-coming filmmakers. Her recent productions were awarded and / or presented at TIFF, Rotterdam, FID Marseille, in Pompidou Centre and Museum of the Moving Images, among else.

Marina presently focuses on creating and curating daring visually-distinct projects by artist of predominantly young generation, as producer and writer, and places particular focus on addressing the issues of climate justice and conscious consumption.

Lives and works in Ljubljana and Berlin.Visit sponsored by the project: POWR.03.05.00-00-Z301/18-00