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Our Films Selected for the 29th Etiuda&Anima International Film Festival


Two etudes produced at the Kieślowski Film School have been selected for the 29th Etiuda&Anima International Film Festival. The festival selections comprise 25 films. The event takes place from November 29 to December 4 in Krakow.

The films up for competition are listed below:

  • “Slave” (2021), director: Grzegorz Piekarski // cinematography: Antoni Grałek // production management: Natalia Pietsch, Maja Zaleska, Grzegorz Piekarski, Antoni Grałek
  • “There is No Peace of Mind” (2022), director: Karol Ulman // cinematography: Maksymilian Plater // production manager: Karolina Zychowicz

The Etiuda&Anima International Film Festival is the oldest film festival in Poland. It brings together the achievements of students of film and art schools from around the world and the accomplishments of fine-art animation filmmakers, including professionals, students, and independent producers.