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Donna Morong at the Kieślowski Film School in Katowice

Krzysztof Szłapa

Last week, students of the Kieślowski Film School in Katowice had the opportunity to explore their knowledge of casting directing.

A special guest of our department was Ms. Donna Morong, a very experienced casting director, working, among others, in at the New York Theatre.

Over thirty years in the profession of casting director, before starting her career she was an actress herself, and she also shares her knowledge with other young people - acting as a teacher. An encyclopedia of practical knowledge in the field of working with an actor on a film set.

As part of Donna Morong's visit, a meeting was held in our cinema hall, where the guests were also Anna Serdiukow (journalist, member of the Polish Film Association) and Piotr Bartuszek (casting director). The several-hour meeting allowed students to listen to the inspiring stories of our guests, and then be able to ask questions about the aspects of the discussed matter that puzzled them.

On Wednesday and Thursday, practical classes were conducted in the form of workshops with the participation of actors. Directing students were responsible for organizing from a few to a dozen or so scenes, varying in terms of difficulty level, depending on the specificity of a given scene and the characteristics of the actors.

On Friday, Donna Morong conducted individual consultations for willing students, so it was a good opportunity to summarize the past three days and compare these condensed thoughts with the opinion of the director.

Thank you for your valuable visit, we are always happy to see people from the world of film - sharing with our students what they have experienced.