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Andrzej Fidyk is one of the jurors at this year's edition of the Youth and Film Festival in Koszalin, for which as many as five shorts of our production have qualified!

Andrzej Fidyk

This year, as many as five shorts produced at the Kieślowski Film School in Katowice qualified for the 42nd Youth and Film Festival in Koszalin!

The MiF 2023 Short Film Debuts Competition includes:

  • "Pole" dir. Tomasz Grzymala | Document
    A cow farmer living in the middle of nowhere discovers the existence of hitherto unknown physical strength. In order to study it, he constructs various measuring instruments and tries to solve a mystery that haunts him.
  • "Alice" dir. Martina Ludwig | Fiction
    A drop of sweat from a stranger changes the life of teenage Alicja, who has been protected by her prudish mother against access to moisture, which causes the fruit to become covered with mold and the girl's head to be haunted by disturbing dreams.
  • "Sprzedawca" dir. Patryk Kaflowski | Fiction
    Darek is the owner of a shop on the verge of bankruptcy. Things take a strange turn when a large shipment of half-armor arrives at his shop. An old man comes to the store and offers to help with the sale.
  • "Mania!" dir. Lena Jaworska | Fiction
    The little girl Mania is brought by her hysterical mother to the countryside to her aunt's house. During a lonely summer stay, she befriends a hen. When she realizes why her aunt keeps chickens, she organizes a rebellion.
  • "W pamięci" dir. Sophia Sawicka | Fiction
    Memory does not want to be free from "I". It determines identity. It may seem that we are prisoners of her perspective. Does liberation from the subjective bring relief? After all, it is memory that connects with what is closest. Maybe reality can be drawn into a game with what is in memory, even for a moment? In addition, at this edition of the festival we will also see a film produced at Wajda School & Studio, which we also have reasons to be proud of!
  • "Three stories about Basia" dir. Mateusz Pietrak | Document
    "I decided that this year I'm going to die" - says Basia with a laugh, who can't see that she is eighty years old. She fulfills the role of grandmother, mother and sister. And also on stage. We watch her prepare for her life's performance.

The film was also included in the Polish Competition at this year's Krakow Film Festival, where its Polish premiere will take place, well done team!

The cinematographer for the above film is Paweł Kozak - a student of the Kieślowski Film School. Congratulations Paweł!

At the festival in Koszalin, we also keep our fingers crossed for:

  • "Kiosk", a documentary film directed by Daniel Stopa, our graduate and student of the Doctoral School of the University of Silesia. The cinematographers for the film are: Stanisław Cuske - our student, Józefina Gocman - our graduate and Paweł Chorzępa - our graduate and lecturer.
  • "Bread and Salt" feature film directed by Damian Kocur and with cinematography by Tomasz Woźniczka - our graduates
  • "Roving Woman", a feature fiction film directed by our graduate - Michał Chmielewski

Finally, we have one more very important information! prof. Andrzej Fidyk, director of the Directing Course became one of the jurors of the 42nd edition of the Koszalin Festival of Film Debuts Youth and Film! Congratulations, Professor.

Congratulations to all qualified and we keep our fingers crossed for you.

You can find the festival website here: link