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Kieślowski Film School Students Participate in Polish-Ukrainian Workshops in Katowice

photo Łukasz Dambiec / Fundacja Film Inkubator

Kieślowski Film School is an integral part of the ongoing Polish-Ukrainian film workshops in Katowice.

"Only Ashes" is a Polish-Ukrainian film workshop produced by the Film Inkubator Foundation in Katowice and financed by the PZU Foundation. Participants from Poland and Ukraine are afforded the opportunity to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of creative activities. These range from acting skills and working with a director or professional actor to working with the camera surrounded by experienced organizers and co-creators.

After weeks of preparation, the production stage of the workshop is currently underway and will be crowned with the production of two short films, directed and written by Przemysław Kopacz, a student of Directing at the Kieślowski Film School and a graduate of the AMA Film Academy in the field of film editing in Krakow.

In addition, the cinematographer of the films created during the workshops is the highly talented Lena Jabłońska. She is not only a student at the film school, studying Film Image Implementation and Photography, but also a camera operator who has worked on many notable films, such as "Bread and Salt" by Damian Kocur, a Kieślowski Film School student, and Jan Komasa's "Haters" and "Suicide Room."

Also working on the project is a graduate of Kieślowski Film School, Justyna Koziarz, who is a producer at the Film Inkubator Foundation.

Interestingly, the films feature actors from Poland and Ukraine, both professionals and amateurs selected through casting. The films created in the workshops will premiere in 2024. The project aims to integrate and empower Poles and Ukrainians. To check out the photographs from the workshop, just click this link.