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September Festival Season: Our Productions Set to be Featured in Film Festivals

The Field | realiztion Tomasz Grzymała

September is just around the corner, and with its commencement, we are embarking on an adventure of short film festivals with short films produced at the Kieslowski Film School.

Two of our films will be featured at the Przeźrocza Film Festival:

Błysk Oka (In the Flash of an Eye) category: 2nd Block (September 1)
🎬 The Field | director: Tomasz Grzymała | documentary short

Plenerówka (Outdoor): Cinematic Relaxation Vol. 2 (September 2nd)
🎬 Krzyś | director and cinematographer: Daniel Le Hai | production manager: Filip Kantor | documentary short

Head onto this link for more information:

Meanwhile, the second edition of the Bana Film Festival will take place in September, and we're excited to announce that three of our productions will feature in this event as well.

2nd block (September 1):
🎬 Afonia | director: Marta Z. Nowak | director of photography (dop): Jakub Stoszek | production manager: Kalina Bienias | short film

🏆 3rd block (September 2)
🎬 Quiver | director: Joanna Różniak | director of photography (dop): Łukasz Łatanik | production manager: Jakub Lebiedziński | short film

🎬 Children and Fish | director: Gracjana Piechula | director of photography (dop): Aleksandra Kamińska | production manager: Julia Wasiak & Damazy Stasiak | short film

Visit the festival's official website to find out more:

A week later, we will move to Germany, where in the 18. FILMPolska, a documentary by Tomasz Grzymała will feature in the Night of Shorts section (September 9). The event will take place at Berlin's Sputnik Cinema.

Proceed to this link for more information:

Congratulations to all the teams. We wish you success in the competitions.