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Kieślowski Film School Graduates and a Student Play Key Roles in the Making of Poland's 2023 Oscar Candidate, "The Peasants"


"The Peasants", the 2023 film directed by DK Welchman and Hugh Welchman, is Poland's Oscar candidate

As it turns out, it's good news for us because a few graduates and a student of Kieślowski Film School have worked on it. Mateusz Kordyl was the second unit director, whereas Karolina Durak was the assistant director. Julia Maisa, Patrycja Kurpiers, Aneta Ługowska, and Małgorzata Turek (currently a student of the film school) worked on the film's production.

Congratulations to everyone!

The film, based on Władysław Reymont's novel, is produced by Hugh Welchman, Sean M. Bobbitt, and Tomasz Wochniak. The Polish Film Institute played a huge role in the actualization of the film, as it subsidized its production. Kamil Polak, Radoslaw Ładczuk, and Szymon Kuriata handled the cinematography. Its Polish premiere will be held on October 13, 2023.