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Herstory to be Screened at 10th Student International Film Festival in Croatia

Herstory Official Poster

The 10th edition of the Student International Film Festival (STIFF) held in Croatia is going to start today, and we're delighted to announce that Herstory, a film directed by a Kieślowski Film School student, will be screened on November 25 as part of the 7th program block called "HUSHING."

Provided below are some details of the film:

🎬 Herstory | directed by Tomasz Stuleblak | cinematography by Daniel Le Hai & Jan Barszczewski | production management by Dorota Chłapek, Aleksandra Gajdosz, and Weronika Podgórska | produced by Kieślowski Film School

The story unfolds during the fall of 2020, when women's protests are taking over the streets of Warsaw. Ola, a seventeen-year-old girl, spends the evening at home taking care of her sister and sick grandmother. Her daily duties are suddenly interrupted by a disturbing piece of news about her mother. While the protests on the city streets reach an intense level, Ola must navigate them to find out the truth. Nevertheless, she firmly holds onto her unwavering belief in solidarity among women.

Congratulations to the entire team and everyone who contributed to the making of the film. We wish you good luck! We look forward to Herstory's further achievements at forthcoming film festivals.

🔗 A link to the festival catalog is available here.