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Review of our students’ short films at Lusofon University in Lisbon

Lusofon University of Humanities and Technology

Lusofon University of Humanities and Technology is the largest non-public university based in the capital of Portugal. The name of the university comes from the word "Lusofonia", which is commonly used to refer to the community of all Portuguese-speaking countries and which are culturally and historically linked. These include Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola and others, with a common population of over 250 million.

The average number of students at this higher education institution is 11,000, with a staff of 1500 lecturers. The 9 departments that the university is divided into (including the Cinema Department) are filled with students of different nationalities. The Erasmus + student exchange program is also there. Katarzyna Woźniak is one of the exchange students from the Faculty of Radio and Television. On June 14th she organized a review of etudes made by our students, attended by Portuguese students of Lusofony and some of the staff from the Department of Cinema. There were films: Twist&Blood (directed by Kuba Czekaj), Magma (directed by Paweł Maślona), Wolf's Clothing (directed by Olga Kałagate), All Soul's Day (directed by Aleksandra Terpińska).