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Classes with a screenwriter Łukasz M. Maciejewski


A Polish screenwriter Łukasz M. Maciejewski is the next guest of our lecturer prof. Marcin Koszałka. On 20.05.2020 he will conduct classes for students of the Kieślowski Film School, which main theme will be the scriptwriter's cooperation with the director and actors.

Łukasz M. Maciejewski is a co-author of the script for the directorial debut of Marcin Koszałka, "Czerwony pająk" (2015). Based on his script, the film "Najmro. He loves, steals, respects” directed by Mateusz Rakowicz is produced. Maciejewski is also the main screenwriter of the TV series 'Król' based on the novel by Szczepan Twardoch directed by our lecturer Jan P. Matuszyński.

Classes are dedicated mainly to our film directing students, but other students can also attend as observers.