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Online lecture of Maciej Pisuk powered by the 17. Węgiel Film Festival

(c) Maciej Pisuk

Students of the Kieślowski Film School are invited to a special online lecture. At the invitation of prof. UŚ dr hab. Rafał Milach Maciej Pisuk – a screenwriter, a script doctor, and a photographer will talk about his work. The lecture will be held on Tuesday, 5.5.2020 at 11.00 on ZOOM.

Maciej Pisuk is a graduate of the Scriptwriting School at the Polish National Film School in Łódź and a member of the European Film Academy. Based on his script, a famous film "Jesteś Bogiem" (2012) dir. Leszek Dawid was made.

Between 2005-2018 Pisuk worked on a photographic and reporting series on Brzeska Street in the Praga Północ district of Warsaw. The summary of this work will be a book that will be published between 2020/2021. Maciej Pisuk is currently working on the script of the feature film about Jacek Kuroń.

After the lecture, there will be time for a Q&A session during which the artist will answer the students’ questions.

Link to the artist's photographic works: