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Our short films at the 2nd edition of the Wajda na Nowo Film Festival


The jury chaired by Filip Marczewski selected 10 short films in the Short Film Competition for Students and Graduates of Film Schools and Art Academies to be presented during the 2nd edition of the Wajda na Nowo Film Festival. Among them, there are 5 shorts produced at the Kieślowski Film School in Katowice. The Wajda na Nowo Film Festival will be held on August 18-20, 2022 in Suwałki.

Our films in the short film competition:

  • "The Delivery" (2021), director: Katarzyna Sikorska // cinematography: Arkadiusz Powałka // production management: Adrianna Orych
  • "Slave" (2021), director: Grzegorz Piekarski // cinematography: Antoni Grałek // production management: Natalia Pietsch, Maja Zaleska, Agata Basista, Grzegorz Piekarski, Antoni Grałek
  • "Hide and Seek" (2022) director: Karolina Belka // cinematography: Aneta Bochnacka // production management: Magda Walasek
  • "Funeralia" (2022), director: Bartłomiej Błaszczyński // cinematography: Daniel Le Hai // production management: Alicja Osiej
  • "There is no peace of mind" (2022) director: Karol Ulman // cinematography: Maksymilian Plater // production management: Karolina Zychowicz

The Wajda na Nowo Film Festival was established in 2021 as a tribute to one of the greatest directors in the history of Polish cinematography, Andrzej Wajda, born in Suwałki. The special guest of the 2nd edition of the festival will be the excellent Polish director Feliks Falk. The artistic director of the event is a graphic and poster designer Andrzej Pągowski, and the program director – a film expert and a film and theater critic Łukasz Maciejewski.