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Photographs of our students showing the backstage of the 76. Cannes Film Festival


We present a set of photos taken by students of the Kieślowski Film School during their stay at the 76th Cannes Film Festival, which present the backstage of this prestigious film event.

Thanks to the financial support from the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, the University of Silesia and the private funds of our lecturer, Dr. Anna Huth, also this year our students had the opportunity to participate in this extraordinary event.

The photos that we present in the gallery were prepared by Bartosz Gaczyński and Jakub Stoszek, students of Cinematography and Photography course, and their authors are also Alicja Nowicka, Marta Nowak, Karolina Belka, Maria Kawalec, Mateusz Kruk and Daniel Stopa.

The works present various aspects of the festival, from the red carpet and the camera flashes, to the emotions and joy of the guests present at the festival. These unforgettable experiences were immortalized by talented students who shared their artistic perspective on the extraordinary atmosphere of Cannes.