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Television Genre Study by Second-Year Production and Television Organization Students

Main slide of the presentation titled Formy i gatunki telewizyjne

We're proud to announce that our second-year students in the Production and Television Organisation have created a compendium of knowledge about television practices and genres. The work, which has taken the form of a presentation, has over 200 slides.

Prof. Kazimierz Wolny-Zmorzyński, vice dean for education and students, offered scientific supervision. It is also worth noting that, in addition to citing statutory definitions, he attempted to delve into the question: format or genre?

The work, titled "Forms and Genres of Television," provides us with basic theoretical knowledge supported by practical examples. True to its title, it delves deeper into different genres in television, encompassing journalism (talk shows, reviews, reportages), film (documentary, gangster, spy, cut-out animation), theatre and stage (concert, benefit, pantomime), music (opera, ballet, song), and scientific and popular science (reconstruction, popular science fiction films).

In the presentation, you will find graphic and audiovisual materials to indicate the comparison of individual television forms, both domestic and foreign.

Here are the names of all the students who worked on the project: Aleksandra Kaczorowska, Aleksandra Murias, Amelia Zalewska, Artur Guzik, Bruno Bednarski, Dawid Małek, Dominika Uliszak, Jakub Jaskóła, Jakub Kaszny, Jakub Kawalec, Jan Sapiński, Jan Wierzbicki, Julia Charmuszko, Kalina Bienias, Kalina Głowińska, Kamil Warszawski, Kamila Kopczyńska, Kinga Swerczek, Konrad Mrozek, Laura Barańska, Lena Pach, Maciej Muszkatel, Maksymilian Małota, Małgorzata Gryko, Marcin Kamiński, Mikołaj Kalarus, Natalia Bąba, Patryk Polkowski, Patryk Zojdź, Piotr Janosz, Veronica Gigliotti, Zofia Nawrocka. Last but not least, Jan Klein did an exclusive role in handling the editorial work.

A hearty congratulations to all the students who participated in this massive project. The link below will enable you to familiarize yourself with the project. In addition, it's a valuable resource for anyone who is even remotely interested in television genres. Don't miss the opportunity to expand the horizons of your knowledge: link