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Photo by Krzysztof Szlapa

On May 10, a very important event for the Kieślowski Film School began.

Of course, we are talking about nothing other than the 20th jubilee edition of Węgiel Film Festival, we are proud to be the organizer of this unique project together with the University of Silesia in Katowice!

On Wednesday, Kino Światowid hosted the opening ceremony of the festival, attended by JM prof. dr hab. Ryszard Koziołek - Rector of the University of Silesia, prof. University of Silesia dr hab. Krystyna Doktorowicz - Dean of the Kieślowski Film School and Artistic Director of the WFF Dr. Jan P. Matuszyński and Dr. Anna Huth, Organizational Director of the WFF.

Members of the Artifices Artificibus Association - co-organizers of the festival - also spoke during the ceremony!

After the speeches of the Dean and the directors of the festival, the 20th edition was officially opened. Węgiel Film Festival, and the participants filling the cinema hall could immerse themselves in the history of the film entitled "Blue moon", which was directed by the juror of the twentieth edition of the WFF - Alina Grigore.

We would like to thank the Festival Partners:

  • Polish Film Institute, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage - co-financing
  • TVP3 Katowice, Gazeta Wyborcza, Filmweb, Legalna Kultura - media partners
  • Dreamsound Studio, Dynamo Film, Editorium, Kino Świat - sponsors
  • Magnum Cocktail Bar - Klubo Galeria Mariacka - festival club

Yesterday, May 11, as part of the Węgiel Film Festival, many festival attractions took place in the building of the Film School, as well as the Open Days of our faculty, which we informed about earlier. During the second day of the festival, participants and candidates had the opportunity to take part in:

  • Film block (Howling, Raw, FIXING THINGS, father.son, Alice, Mimmo, mommy and myself, Big Phat Party)
  • Cinematography workshops with dr Łukasz Baka (Open Days)
  • Pitchingach Student Film Market with Joanna Malicka and Kalina Głowińska
  • Directing and cinematography workshops with dr Andrzej Kowalczyk, prof. Bogdan Dziworski and prof. Filip Bajon (Open Days)
  • Masterclass: How does the operator read the script? With the participation of Piotr Sobociński Jr. and Dr. Jan P. Matuszyński
  • Consultations of photographic works with prof. Janusz Musiał and dr hab. Ryszard Czernow, prof. University of Silesia (Open Days)
  • Screenplay consultations - for feature films, the consultants were dr hab. Beata Dzianowicz and Jan Foryś, MA (online), while for documentary films, dr hab. Dagmara Drzazga, prof. University of Silesia (Open Days)
  • Consultations with a film producer and lecturer at our faculty - Małgorzata Domin, MA (Open Days)
  • Presentation of Studio Munk conducted by Jerzy Kapuściński and Michał Hudzikowski
  • Film screenings of Wajda School & Studio and Q&A with the creators (Ptitsa, Live) and a workshop entitled Creative Development with Katarzyna Madaj-Kozłowska, Mara Tamkovich and Feliks Mirosław Mamczur
  • Workshop: Building a photographic reportage, led by dr hab. Rafał Milach, prof. University of Silesia (Open Days)
  • Screening of the film by Marcin Wrona entitled "Christening"
  • Masterclass: Script Atelier, with Anna Bielak (this year's juror) and Dr. Jan P. Matuszyński
  • Workshop: The profession of a production manager, led by Aneta Hickinbotham, and the special guest - prof. University of Silesia dr hab. Krystyna Doktorowicz (Open Days)
  • Masterclass: Around the script of the series "Wielka Woda" with the participation of creators, i.e. Jan Holoubek, Kinga Krzemińska, Kasper Bajon, Anna Kępińska and Maciej Kędziora
  • Concert of the violin quartet: Martyna Grohs, Kalina Dudczak, Roksana Krechowiecka and Wiktoria Zorychta - Second film block (The Visit, Going Alone, Yi yi, Laboratory NO.2, Days Without, Sea by the river and river by the sea, The Concubine)

The schedule of the entire festival can be found on the Węgiel Film Festival social media and on the website (link). We encourage you to take part in the festival, the next such opportunity will be next year!

Today, the festival plans include a meeting with Damian Kocur, a screening of etudes by famous graduates of the Lodz Film School / PWSFTviT, a masterclass with Robert Więckiewicz (hosted by Dr. Jan P. Matuszyński). In addition, at 15:00 there will be a screening of the film "Dangerous Gentlemen", followed by a masterclass with the participation of the director of this film - Maciej Kawalski.

12-13.05 The Warsaw Film School is visiting us, and with them cinematography workshops with Filip Pasternak, film screenings and much, much more!


Additional Announcement! As part of the Open Days, each of the candidates for the direction of Film and Television Production Organization has a chance to sign up for individual consultations with Małgorzata Domin, MA - lecturer at the Kieślowski Film School in Katowice!

Małgorzata Domin is a film producer and, among others, a graduate of our department in the field of production organization. Since 2007, he has been the owner of the independent production company Domino Film, and since 2013 he has been a member of the Management Board of the National Chamber of Audiovisual Producers.

Therefore, if you want to become our student in the Film and Television Production, you must give yourself a chance and send applications in accordance with the following conditions:

May 11, 2023
9:30 - 11:30
Duration of an individual consultation: 10 minutes
Limit of places: 12 people (the order of applications decides)
Applications should be sent to: filip.jeleniewicz(at) (name, telephone number and current school)

Do you want to become a film producer? production manager? Take advantage of the offers we have for you as part of the Open Days. These are not only individual consultations, we also offer an academic lecture, which we wrote about earlier on our social media and here: link

Krzysztof Szlapa

On Tuesday at the Kieślowski Film School, we had a unique opportunity to host Transform4Europe participants as part of the European Culture Festival!

We have accepted over 150 people, students, doctoral students and university employees from Germany, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, France and Portugal.

After the official inauguration, chaired by the Dean of our faculty - prof. Krystyna Doktorowicz - participants split up to go to film workshops, organized by students and lecturers of the Kieślowski Film School.

Five film workshops for T4EU participants:

Introduction to Filmmaking – Working with an Actor in the Film Studio

During the workshop, participants could learn about the process of working with an actor, participate in a rehearsal preparing for a scene, and finally shoot a scene using professional film equipment.

Lecturers: Piotr Domalewski, MA oraz Tomasz Woźniczka, MA

Color Grading – Creating a Unique Visual Look

UParticipants in our cinema hall had the opportunity to see the process of color correction of the film image on the film materials presented by the instructor. Willing people could try their hand at coloring single film frames.

Lecturers: Dr. Łukasz Baka

Film Camera Operating - Creative Movement

Participants listened to a short lecture on camera movement in film, and then proceeded to shoot a short feature scene using professional camera equipment such as ronin or camera ride. Each of the participants had the opportunity to stand behind the camera and try their hand as a cinematographer.

Lecturers: Dr. Andrzej Cichocki

Photography & Art of New Media

Workshop participants focused on the use of visual techniques and analog photography in the design of music album covers. During the art work, the participants also made their video portraits to the rhythm of climatic music.

Lecturers: prof. Janusz Musiał

Advertising Photography Workshop

In the space of the Atelier of the Film School, the participants of the workshop listened to a short lecture on advertising photography, and then photographed themselves and other objects suggested by the instructor.

Conducted by: mgr Filip Czernow, MA

Screenings of Awarded Student Films

In addition, the participants of T4EU Week had the opportunity to watch 10 film productions of students of the Kieślowski Film School. After each screening, the participants eagerly exchanged their observations about the film they had watched and the topics it covered.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the organization of such a unique event. There were many heroes of the event, it is certainly worth thanking the students of Film and Television Production Organization, thanks to whom each of the workshops ran smoothly.

You can see the photo report prepared by the reliable Krzysztof Szlapa on our social media profile by clicking the following link.

Krzysztof Szłapa

Last week, students of the Kieślowski Film School in Katowice had the opportunity to explore their knowledge of casting directing.

A special guest of our department was Ms. Donna Morong, a very experienced casting director, working, among others, in at the New York Theatre.

Over thirty years in the profession of casting director, before starting her career she was an actress herself, and she also shares her knowledge with other young people - acting as a teacher. An encyclopedia of practical knowledge in the field of working with an actor on a film set.

As part of Donna Morong's visit, a meeting was held in our cinema hall, where the guests were also Anna Serdiukow (journalist, member of the Polish Film Association) and Piotr Bartuszek (casting director). The several-hour meeting allowed students to listen to the inspiring stories of our guests, and then be able to ask questions about the aspects of the discussed matter that puzzled them.

On Wednesday and Thursday, practical classes were conducted in the form of workshops with the participation of actors. Directing students were responsible for organizing from a few to a dozen or so scenes, varying in terms of difficulty level, depending on the specificity of a given scene and the characteristics of the actors.

On Friday, Donna Morong conducted individual consultations for willing students, so it was a good opportunity to summarize the past three days and compare these condensed thoughts with the opinion of the director.

Thank you for your valuable visit, we are always happy to see people from the world of film - sharing with our students what they have experienced.

Private album, Dagmara Drzazga

Yesterday there was a ceremony in which this year's winners of the Wojciech Korfanty Awards, statuettes were presented to symbolize and strengthen recognition for outstanding achievements towards Silesia and its community.

The ceremonial gala was held in the Łaźnia Łańcuszkowa complex of the Królowa Luiza Adit complex in Zabrze. The prizes are awarded by the Upper Silesian Association, they can be received only once, and persons and institutions with special merits for Silesia are entitled to it. The plebiscite has a long tradition, it has been operating since 1993, hence this year's edition was unique - because it was a jubilee!

Once again, we would like to congratulate prof. Dagmara Drzazga - lecturers of the Kieślowski Film School in Katowice and other winners, who are Mr. Mirosław Neinert (director of the Korez Theater) and Mr. Leonard Fulneczek (experienced local government official from Krzyżanowice, former mayor and councillor).

About the award, its importance and film achievements of prof. Dagmara Drzazga, which is appreciated especially in the Silesian environment - we have already written in our social media. However, it is one thing to inform you about the victory, and another to see such a lucky winner with a unique prize in her hands. Earlier we wrote about the award: link

We wish you all the best. Congratulations!