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Production manager, film producer, sounds interesting? If you are interested in film as an enterprise and have an organizational sense, then you must definitely visit the faculty.

For candidates for the Film and Television Production major, as part of the Open Days 2023, we have to offer:

An academic lecture during which the specifics of the profession of a production manager and the characteristics of studies in the field of study will be presented, which are designed to prepare the student to perform one of the most important functions in the filmmaking process.

The lecturers will be:

  • prof. Krystyna Doktorowicz - Dean of the Kieślowski Film School in Katowice, with extensive scientific achievements in the field of media knowledge.
  • Aneta Hickinbotham, MA - film producer, member of the Polish Film Academy and the European Film Academy, graduate and lecturer of our department. Winner of the Silver Lions at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia for the film "Let There Be No Traces" (2021) directed by Jan P. Matuszyński, which premiered in the Main Competition at the Venice Film Festival.

Date: May 11, 2023
Time: 16:00 - 18:00
Place of the lecture: room 3.08

Admission is free, reservations are not required.

We are waiting for you! If you have any questions, please contact us.


Another day with announcements!

Are you interested in photography? Is the film image what keeps you awake at night? Simply put - do you dream of becoming a cinematographer? You've come to the right place, this post is for you.

The schedule for May 11, 2023 can be found below:

Cinematography workshops from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm in our atelier will consist in making a scene with the use of props.

The workshop will be conducted by Dr. Łukasz Baka - lecturer at the Kieślowski Film School. Cinematographer, stereographer and film colorist.

  • The number of places is: 15.
  • Please send your registration to: filip.jeleniewicz[at], in the message you should indicate the workshop in question and leave information, i.e. name, surname, telephone number and name of the current school.

Consultations of photographic works from 11:00 to 16:00 in our library, the order of arrival counts - registration does not apply. The requirement addressed to the candidate for the implementation of the image who wants to consult their works - is to have their printed versions. Digital photographs will not be consulted.

Photo consultations will be conducted by the following lecturers of the Kieślowski Film School:

- prof. Janusz Musiał - photographer, filmmaker, culture expert, author using various media (photography, short film form, animation, installation, object, word, network projects) in order to implement thematic projects, exhibitions, films, catalogs and albums.

- prof. Marcin Koszałka - director and cinematographer, cinematographer for many significant works of contemporary Polish cinematography, twice winner of the prize for cinematography at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia and the Bronze Frog at Camerimage.

- prof. Ryszard Czernow - multimedia artist, cinematographer, author of the term Cybergrafia, graphic designer. Author of many individual exhibitions, the current one is "Ryszard Czernow Vanitas 2023" at the Silesian Museum.

- prof. Adam Sikora - cinematographer, director, screenwriter, photographer and painter. Winner of numerous awards, including Polish Film Award Orzeł for cinematography in the film "Four nights with Anna".

Lecture as part of the Open Days from 14:00 - 15:30 in room 2.08, the subject of which will be: The construction of a photographic reportage. Admission is free, registration is not required, as in the case of workshops - the order of arrival counts. The lecturer will be a lecturer from our faculty, whose profile is presented below.

- prof. Rafał Milach - photographer, visual artist, author of award-winning books, including The Winners or 7 Rooms. Winner of the World Press Photo competition and finalist of the prestigious Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2018.

Come and take the film path, we cordially invite you.

We are waiting for you! Be cautious. We have one more announcement for you.

Photo Ryszard Czernow

We remind you and invite you to visit the Silesian Museum in Katowice, where for less than a month, because only until 07.05. you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of the lecturer of the Kieślowski Film School, prof. Ryszard Czernow.

The exhibition "Ryszard Czernow Vanitas 2023" is a multi-meaning collection of works whose author moves between creation and destruction, using the motif of vanity, known from the Middle Ages, but above all the Baroque, symbolically contained in the visual layer of the works. In his works, the artist focuses on matter, creating pictorial stories about its disintegration and absorbing evidence of human existence. In this way, Czernow shows the viewer the fossils of what we know, what is close to us but has passed away. - Kamil Myszkowski, curator of the exhibition

As part of the ongoing exhibition, an author's meeting is being organized, it will take place on April 22, 2023, so we cordially encourage you to visit the website of the Silesian Museum for detailed information on the possibility of participating in the event. The meeting with Ryszard Czernow will be combined with the projection of the sonovisual composition entitled "The spirit of matter", a multimedia presentation in the form of a cinema projection.

Detailed information about the event can be found on the website of the Silesian Museum: link


We are starting with announcements regarding open days at the Kieślowski Film School!

Are you interested in film directing? Do you create scripts? Maybe you are in the creative process and would like to consult your work so far? As part of the open days, we have an offer for you!

11.05. from 11:00 to 16:00 there will be consultations of scrips by candidates for a directing course.

We are waiting for submissions of scripts for short documentaries and fiction films, conditions:

  • maximum 30 pages subject to consultation,
  • max. one script for a documentary and a fiction film (we do not accept applications, e.g. two fiction scripts from one person),
  • we submit applications to the e-mail address (filip.jeleniewicz(at), in the message, apart from the scenarios - please leave information, i.e. name and surname, telephone number and name of the current high school. In the message, please also indicate your preferences regarding the consulting person,
  • applications are accepted until April 27, 2023.

Consultations will be conducted by the following lecturers of the Kieślowski Film School:

Each qualified person will receive an individual consultation date. In exceptional situations, it is possible to conduct online consultations, while stationary consultations are preferred - so please book the appropriate amount of time on May 11 this year.

We invite you to follow our social media in the coming days, because we will inform you about open days for other directions!

Ready, Set, Go! We are just waiting for you.

Wojciech Olkuśnik/East News/SFP

Yesterday, the opening of the event that we recently mentioned in our social media took place at Kino Kultura, which is the Film Screenings of Andrzej Fidyk on the occasion of the 70th birthday of the outstanding Polish documentary filmmaker and lecturer of the Kieślowski Film School in Katowice.

During the first day, the guests had the opportunity to listen to the inaugural conversation between Professor Andrzej Fidyk and Ms. Grażyna Torbicka, then participate in the screenings of two films, i.e. "Defilada" (1989) and "The President" (1985) and exchange a few words with the author of these films himself.

For those who did not participate in yesterday's meeting - we have good news, the event lasts two more days, today and tomorrow - respectively 13.04 and 14.04 at 19:00. Admission to the event is free, tickets are available at the box office of the Kino Kultura in Warsaw.

Each day, the screening of films will be preceded by a half-hour conversation, as it was during the inauguration, while the films will change - on April 13, you can watch the following films: "Kiniarze z Kalkuty" (1998) and "Dance of the Reeds" (2000), in turn the film will be shown on Friday "Stories from Yodok" (2008).

Congratulations on such a rich film output, it undoubtedly constitutes a solid foundation of Polish documentary filmmaking and is an inspiration, a clear signpost for other, novice creators of the cinema of facts.

Well done Professor! The event is organized by the Polish Filmmakers Association.

Link to the event: link