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photo by Łukasz Żal | source/distributor: Gutek Film

"The Zone of Interest" wins three BAFTA Awards!


We recently wrote about the five Oscar nominations for the Polish, British, and American co-production directed by Jonathan Glazer. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all team members.

In particular, we send them to our department's graduates - Stanisław Cuske (cinematographer), Bartosz Toboła (assistant/cinematographer), Maja Krężel (production assistant), Marek Kita (camera assistant), and Krzysztof Świderski (video assistant).

You can find the full list of award-winning films here: BAFTA


With the beginning of February, the recruitment for the 1st National Film Competition "ENTREPRENEURIAL TEENAGERS" has started.

The subject of the competition are short films (up to 3 minutes) prepared by teams representing upper secondary schools from all over Poland (over 7000 schools). One school can be represented by one team.

  • School participation can be registered until March 1, 2024. However, you have time until April 15 to submit the competition entry.

🎥 This project aims to promote the idea of entrepreneurship and to discover and develop teenagers' predispositions for making informed choices about their further education path and making accurate decisions regarding their future profession or starting a business. By working on the production of a film promoting youth employment, students will focus on its subject, while also acquiring competencies related to film production and promotion, which play a key role in contemporary marketing.


Meet the co-organizers:

Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School of the University of Silesia in Katowice

GZM. Górnośląsko-Zagłębiowska Metropolia

University of Economics in Katowice

University of Economics in Poznań

GPW Foundation

Adam Smith Center

Local Development Agency S.A.

Trailer and still from the film "In Ukraine," photos by Piotr Pawlus / produced by Kijora Film

We invite you to participate in the event dedicated to the second anniversary of the assault on Ukraine, which will take place on February 22, 2024, at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Silesia (A. Pawlikowski Hall).

🎬 The extensive program of the event includes, among others, a screening of the documentary film titled "In Ukraine," directed by Tomasz Wolski and our graduate, Piotr Pawlus, who will personally introduce the film. After the screening, he will participate in a discussion, which we encourage you to join.


Participants in the meeting will discuss the media image of the war and examine it in various ways. The goal is to remind about what is happening beyond Poland's borders, to express once again a firm opposition to all acts of war, and to offer encouragement to our friends, students, colleagues – all those who are fighting in Ukraine and those who have left their loved ones in the country.


9:45 – Opening, welcome, introduction

10:00 – "My February 24th" – memories of staff, students, graduates (prepared by Magdalena Knapik, Magdalena Nowak-Kaczmarek)

10:05 – Dr. Aleksandra Kalisz: "The Media Image of War" (in Polish)

10:35 – Dr. Olena Rosinska: "The Significance of Feature and Documentary Films in the Media Creation of the War Image" (in Polish)

11:05 – "War Chronicle" – students of international Polish studies

11:15–11:30 – Break

11:30 – Piotr Pawlus – introduction to the film

11:45 – "In Ukraine" film, dir. Piotr Pawlus, Tomasz Wolski (Amidst an unprecedented war at the borders of the European Union, filmmakers Piotr Pawlus and Tomasz Wolski venture into the bomb-damaged depths of Ukraine to capture the "new normality" of its inhabitants)

1:05 PM – Discussion after the film with the director

2:00 PM – Dr. Oksana Pochapska: "The Language of War: Falsifications and Manipulations" (Мова війни: фейки і маніпуляції) (in Ukrainian)

2:00 PM – Dr. Oksana Zhurawska: "Internet Memes from the Beginning of the Russian Federation’s Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine" (in English)

2:00 PM – Alina Nowicka, M.A.: "War (no) a Woman..." (in Polish)

The event is organized by the School of Polish Language and Culture at the University of Silesia, representatives of the international Polish studies program, and the educational platform Polish Film Shelf. The event partner is the Solidarność Trade Union of the University of Silesia. Co-organizers of the meeting are the Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School and the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Silesia.

The event is under the patronage of the Rector of the University of Silesia, Prof. Dr. Hab. Ryszard Koziołek.

We invite you to follow the event on Facebook (there you will find more details + updates).

Photo 1, a picture from the set of the film Kos - by Łukasz Bąk

We have met the nominees for the so-called "Polish Oscars," the Polish Film Awards ORŁY 2024!

Among them are our graduates - Paweł Maślona, Katarzyna Warzecha, and Kordian Kądziela, whose films have been nominated in the following categories:


🎬 "Kos", dir. Paweł Maślona


🎬 "Absolute Beginners", dir. Kamila Tarabura, Katarzyna Warzecha

🎬 "1670", dir. Maciej Buchwald, Kordian Kądziela

We send our heartfelt congratulations to the graduates of our department, and on March 4th, during the awards ceremony, we will be rooting for you with all our might!

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the nominated works of our graduates (Kos to be seen in cinemas, while 1670 and Absolute Beginners are available on the Netflix streaming platform).

We also recommend paying attention to the other nominees – LINK.

Photo 2, a frame from the series Absolute Beginners - source:
Photo 3, a frame from the series 1670 - source: Netflix


During this festive season, we extend our heartfelt wishes for peace and joy to the academy community of our school.

Let this holiday provide you with a well-deserved break that will enable you to gain strength for new academic challenges. We wish you a New Year full of success and productive ventures. May all your dreams come true this year.

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!